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A Message From the General Manager

There are some very exciting changes going on at The Shops @ Rockvale and we wanted to ensure that our local community is in the know! It has been very exciting past 6 months of working with our Consultant team to figure out exactly what the Lancaster area needs. We didn’t want our story to follow in our past footprints of being just an Outlet Shopping Center, so we’ve decided to work to bring some other elements to the center. We want the center to continue to offer the brands that you love at bargain prices, but we also want to give you a place that you can spend time. We are already in the process of making the necessary physical enhancements to the center and attracting new tenants.

As we continue down this road of rebranding, there are a few things that we want to focus on, and the local community is the biggest one. We know that Route 30 Business Corridor has been known as Amish Country, but we also want people to get know Route 30 Business Corridor as a place to have fun, shop, explore and spend more time seeing how much Lancaster has to offer. From the delicious foods to the amazing artist, talented musicians, a caring community and so much more… the possibilities are endless.

Part of our plan to improve the center is to create “The Park @ Rockvale”. This will be a space that will serve many different purposes and create an area to host events and celebrate with the community. The park will feature seating areas, rain gardens, playgrounds, shade area, water features and an area to host outdoor movies in the warmer months. This park will be a great place for families to gather and enjoy the beauty of Lancaster.

With that being said, we would love to incorporate some local eateries that are looking to grow their business in another part of town on a smaller scale. Instead of exploring more chain restaurants, we would like to create a destination in the center that would be a “local food court” and offer a variety of amazing local eats. This area would be right in the focus of the center and be easily accessible from all areas.

We also want to create a location in the center that would serve as a “Makers Market” and showcase local artist work, host demonstrations/classes and Meet & Greets with the community. There is also a space in the center that we would love to have murals painted to boost the aesthetics.

The East Lampeter Township is in the process of finalizing their plans for the Business Improvement District (BID), Streetscape Plan and creating the path for the Rail Trail that will travel through The Shops @ Rockvale. The path of this Rail Trail will go right past the intended location of the “Local Food Court” and The Park at Rockvale. This improvements to the Route 30 Business Corridor will directly impact the traffic to this area in an extremely positive way and make for easier travel to the area.

We are extremely excited about the changes coming to The Shops @ Rockvale, and we want you to be a part of it. If you have an interest in learning more about the change that is on the way and how you could possibly be a missing piece to our puzzle, please reach out to me. I strongly believe in the story that Rockvale is embarking on and know that we need to showcase what this city has to offer! Please feel free to reach out to me if you have questions and want to learn more.

K. Burkholder - General Manager - The Shops @ Rockvale