Is Social Media Making Us More Anxious And Less Social?

Published : October 18, 2019

The way we interact socially has been changing since chat rooms and email was born in the early stages of the internet. The rapid rise of social media platforms has provided a social highway becoming a dominant way of information exchange as well as social interaction. A new field in its birthing stages focuses on

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How Brick and Mortars can Win

Published : October 14, 2019

The face of retail is an everchanging look. Shopping “back in the day” is nearly unrecognizable to the digital, social, and forward-thinking ways in which goods are exchanged in today’s society. Where the retailer once stood as king of the castle, now the customer and more specifically the customer experience, now reign supreme. Mom-and-pop shops,

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How to Create a Cohesive Instagram Aesthetic

Published : October 8, 2019

Building a following on social media platforms such as Instagram requires more than the ability to include trendy hashtags and provide a product or service that currently has a demand. In order to truly stand out and set your business or brand apart with the use of Instagram, it is important to create a cohesive

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Is Social Media Making You Less Social?

Published : October 4, 2019

Navigation: Things of the Past Making You Feel Less It is interesting and ironic that the word “social” appears in the phrase social media. In our grandparents’ era, being social meant that they went to events at church or at restaurants or even attended dinner parties in friends’ houses. With the advent of social media,

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Is Black Friday Losing It’s Luster?

Published : October 2, 2019

Navigation: Has Black Friday Lost Its Luster? Why Has Black Friday Decreased In Popularity? Is There Any Way For Black Friday To Regain Popularity? How To Get The Best Black Friday Deals For as long as most of us can remember, Black Friday has been the most anticipated shopping day of the year. Boasting incredible

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Bucketlist of Things To Do in Lancaster County (PA) In The Fall

Published : September 30, 2019

Navigation: Amish Cultural Experiences Lancaster from the Air Covered Bridges Tour Wineries Outdoor Adventures Festivals and Fairs Downtown Lancaster City Outlet Shopping Fall is a wonderful time to visit the scenic countryside of Lancaster County in the heart of Pennsylvania Dutch country. A wide variety of experiences await you in the harvest season. Amish Cultural

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The Top 5 Philadelphia Eagles Players of all Time

Published : September 27, 2019

Navigation: 5. Tommy Mcdonald 4. Brian Dawkins 3. Chuck Bednarik 2. Reggie White 1. Steve Van Buren A brand new NFL season is on our doorstep, and we at The Shops @Rokvale are quite excited about it. There’s nothing like watching touchdowns, sacks, fumbles, interceptions and missed field goals as the time expires to send

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Bringing in Millennials and a Younger Generation by Creating Experiential Shopping Experiences

Published : September 25, 2019

Navigation: Experiential Shopping Local Makers Market Make & Take Macrame Class More Events Many retail stores have suffered in the past couple of years due to much of the younger population opting to go for online shopping instead. In attempts to save their businesses, many small stores and chains have opted to go for experiential

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The Top 5 Most Influential High School Football Coaches In Pennsylvania

Published : September 20, 2019

Navigation: George Curry Don Bailey Mike Pettine, Sr. Jim Morgan David Moore High school football in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania is a family tradition. The state has produced some of the greatest players in the game at the prep level. Many of these gridiron giants have gone on to successful college and professional careers. The

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Can You Ever Be Too Over the Top with Fall Decorations?

Published : September 17, 2019

Navigation: Shopping for Fall Decorations A Plethora of Shops to Choose From Change Home Decor to Match the Season Don’t Forget to Update Your Fall Wardrobe Your Fall Decorating Weekend Shopping Getaway Lots of Reasons to be Over the Top with Fall Decorations There really isn’t a way to ever be too over the top

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The Top 5 Steelers Players of All Time

Published : September 9, 2019

Navigation: Terry Bradshaw Jack Lambert Rod Woodson Hines Ward Jerome Bettis The Pittsburgh Steelers are one of the most respected and successful franchises in history. Some of the greatest athletes to ever play the game have worn the black and gold. Narrowing the players to the top five of all time is near impossible. Here

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The 4 Best Cocktails for When It’s Cold Outside

Published : September 6, 2019

Navigation: Peppermint Hot Chocolate Cherry Pie Cocktail The Suburban Ancho Chile Mulled Cider Can you feel that chill in the air? When the winter weather starts to get you down, the solution is to make a delicious cold-weather cocktail. These are some of our favorite winter recipes; try one after you’ve spent the day visiting

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