These 5 Female Fashion Influencers And Why We Love Them

Published : January 24, 2020

Every woman at every age seems to have a favorite fashion celebrity, and it’s okay to admit it. As women, we like to see stars in the public eye dressing hip with flattering athletic wear, formal wear and casual clothing. Here at The Shops @ Rockvale, we agree that having personal style empowers us, boosts

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Why Kohl’s Started Taking Amazon Returns

Published : January 22, 2020

In case you’ve missed it, Amazon is everywhere. You see their packages on every doorstep. You’re starting to see their fleet of delivery trucks on the roads. They’re even inside our homes, in the form of the myriad Alexa-powered devices that have become so popular of late. Their all-things-to-all-people approach has changed everything about the

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Why Disney Plus Is the Best Value When Coupled With Hulu And ESPN +

Published : January 20, 2020

This promotional offer is an incredibly excellent package. This deal is almost too good to be true. The Disney+ bundle is a given considering Disney is sure to carve out its niche in the Streaming Wars of the early 21st century. We here at The Shops @Rockvale believe that more people will become Hulu and

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Are Your Feet Hurting? Might Be Time To Grab Some New Shoes (Darn!)

Published : January 13, 2020

Let’s be totally honest. Your footwear matters and can make or break an ensemble for both women and men. A good quality pair is always comfortable, long-lasting and will take you where you need to be. Here at The Shops @ Rockvale, we feature some of the finest footwear on the planet and at the

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The Top 5 Kids Fashions This Winter 2020

Published : January 10, 2020

There are so many exciting kids’ fashion trends for this Winter. Even more fashion options for children are emerging, and even more, the emphasis is being placed on creating a complete look. A wider selection of coats, outerwear, and suits have emerged, and more options to accessorize have been made available, too like those from

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Thank you To Everyone Who shopped The Shops @Rockvale

Published : January 8, 2020

Here at The Shops @ Rockvale, we simply want to say thank you from the bottom of our hearts for a number of reasons. We are very proud of our incredible shopping mall and all it has to offer our loyal shoppers and our many new visitors as well. The Shops @ Rockvale were all

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These Are The Top 5 Board Games To Play With Your Kids During Christmas

Published : December 30, 2019

Christmas is all about making memories. What better memory is there than playing board games while munching on popcorn and sipping hot cocoa with whipped cream on top? We’re here to tell you the cream of the board game crop this Christmas. Check out the top five board games to play with your kids during

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How To Throw A First Class Holiday Dinner Party

Published : December 23, 2019

Throwing a dinner party can be an exciting event. We know there’s nothing quite as amazing as getting a group of friends and/or family together for a dinner party. You’ll want to remember a few tips to keep the dinner party running smoothly. We all know that dinner guests can have specific allergies or sensitivities

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Why Gratitude is a Must During the Holiday Season

Published : December 19, 2019

We at The Shops @ Rockvale are so excited to welcome in a new holiday season. The twinkling lights, the beautiful music, and the busy stores are all great things to experience. But there is more to the holidays than shopping and buying gifts. Family and friends are what truly matters and should be focused

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Summer Shores and The Shops @Rockvale Interview

Published : December 18, 2019

Welcome to our interview with Lifestyle blogger and marketing owner Summer Shores. We’re so pleased to be able to feature people from our community who are doing amazing things. Let’s jump right into it! What Are You Known For? Lifestyle Blogger and Marketing Agency Founder & CEO. How Long Have You Lived in Lancaster? I

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What Can I Do With My Kids During Christmas Break?

Published : December 16, 2019

We know how crazy Christmas break can be for anyone. If you have children, then you have even more on your plate to worry about. We know how quickly kids get stir-crazy when they are in the house for too long! The Shops @Rockvale want you to stay as sane as possible while your children

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How To Make Your Own Live Edge Furniture?

Published : December 9, 2019

A recent trend that has arisen in the furniture industry is live edge furniture. A live edge furniture is a form of wood-crafting that leaves the natural contours and edges of the wood on the piece of furniture. This style of wood-crafting gives natural wood furniture a rustic, classic looking style. If you’re interested in

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