What Does The Future Of Retail Shopping Look Like Heading Into 2020?

Published : August 19, 2019

Navigation: Better In-Store Deals Further Online Expansion Appealing To Younger Customers Convenience Online Marketing Knowledgeable Customer Service I have a quick question. Over the past week, have you bought from a retail store? Likely around 75% of you have; that’s because retail shopping has grown more and more popular as it becomes readily accessible to

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The Top 5 Women’s Fashion Accounts You Need to Follow on Instagram

Published : August 16, 2019

Navigation: @aimeesong @iris.apfel @thredUP @hwahwalala @baddiewinkle One of Instagram’s many benefits is its variety of women’s fashion accounts. Posts need to be visually stunning to stop a viewer from scrolling right past it. This makes Instagram the perfect medium for fashionistas to express themselves and find inspiration. Here are 5 women’s fashion accounts to please

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How To Throw The Ultimate Labor Day Party

Published : August 12, 2019

Navigation: 1. Grill Out 2. Go To A Parade 3. Have A Fire Pit Ready 4. Have Jars Ready For Fireflies 5. Arts And Crafts Labor Day typically is heralded as the end of summer. For many children and adults, this is a sad recognition. However, Labor Day itself provides plenty of opportunities to throw

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School Supply Drive- Help Students In Lancaster County

Published : August 9, 2019

Navigation: Here is the list of the needed supplies Come to Discover Have you finished getting your family and yourself ready to head back to school? Here at The Shops@Rockvale we are busy getting ready with many new items. It is sure to be something you want or need. A free shopping spree would come

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The Top 3 Places You Need To Take Your Family Before School Is Back In Session In PA

Published : August 6, 2019

Navigation: 1. Hershey 2. Gettysburg 3. Lancaster County The summer is coming to an end, but there is still plenty of time to take your family on a wonderful trip that they will remember until next summer. What’s more, you do not need to even leave Pennsylvania or spend lots of money to create special

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Why Are Top Retailers Like Bed Bath and Beyond Closing Locations and Opening Up New Ones?

Published : July 29, 2019

Navigation: Parking Problems Crime Issues Stand Alone Operating Costs Proximity to Highways You’ve probably seen at least one of your favorite retail stores shut down in recent years. However, you may have quickly seen it reappear in a different location. When you stop to analyze the situation, you begin to realize that this situation is

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How Brick And Mortar Retailers Are Going To Win The War For Consumer Spending

Published : July 25, 2019

Navigation: Atmosphere Personalized Experience Offering Places to Relax You read about it or see it in the news every day. Brick and Mortar retailers are closing locations across the country at an increasing pace. You’re probably even seeing it in your own neighborhood. There are even several long-time retailers in danger of going out of

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How Big Box Stores Are Fighting For Fashion Dollars

Published : July 22, 2019

Navigation: Stepping Up Great Prices Unsold Merchandise The retail field is ever-changing. We at Rockvale understand that today’s clients are discerning. They want to find both great quality and great prices at the same time. Keeping on top of the world of fashion is one job that our retailers understand very well. One retailing giant

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How Will Tariffs Impact The 2019 Holiday Shopping Season?

Published : July 18, 2019

Navigation: About Tariffs Recent U.S. Tariff Threats The Upcoming 2019 Holiday Retail Season Around the world, millions of people wonder what, if any, impact new tariffs in the United States will have on the 2019 holiday season. This question also concerns us at The Shops@Rockvale. Since we carry a wide array of in-demand consumer goods,

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The Top 5 Outlet Centers in PA

Published : July 15, 2019

Navigation: 1. The Crossings Premium Outlets 2. The Shops @ Rockville 3. Grove City Premium Outlets 4. Tanger Outlets Lancaster 5. Philadelphia Premium Outlets 6. Rockvale Square Outlets Traveling to Lancaster, Pennsylvania this summer? Are you looking for the best malls and outlets this city has to offer? Lancaster has become the destination to shop

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Adapting to the New Landscape: How In-Store Retailers Can Benefit from Internet-Based Sale Extravaganzas

Published : July 12, 2019

Amazon Prime Day is fast approaching and shoppers are eager to get their hands on some incredible deals for a wide range of items that have been on their wish list for a long time. But even though these sales are based online, there is no need for in-store retailers to despair. In fact, there

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Why Outlet Centers Are The Future of Shopping

Published : July 11, 2019

Navigation: 1. Better atmosphere 2. Events 3. Great deals 4. More options from big brands 5. Lower overhead means better savings for consumers Traditional retail malls may have been all the rage in the ’80s and ’90s but today’s consumers are looking for a different experience. It is no coincidence that as traditional malls are

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