How Instagram Is Changing Brick And Mortar Buying And Selling

Published : May 11, 2019

Navigation: Make Products “Grammable” Visual monetizing Shareable Visual Content Brick and Mortar stores have been present since time immemorial where customers pick goods and pay for them on a physical location. As a Brick and mortar store, we have felt the impact of digitalization. The onset of the digital world has changed the way we

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Is Instagram The Saving Grace For Retailers and Connecting With Younger Shoppers?

Published : May 9, 2019

Navigation: Shopping collection feature Shop via a video Shop tab for business pages Millennials are the largest living generation and form the largest demographic that we try to charm. Millennials offer a large market for us, and we try to get their attention and keep it to boost our sales and make returns each quarter.

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Why Antonio Brown And Le’Veon Bell Had Beef With The Steelers, and What The Steelers Can Do To Rebuild

Published : April 30, 2019

The Pittsburgh Steelers have been enduring one of the most chaotic off-seasons in recent memory, and most of the team’s drama has revolved around the departure of two legendary star players. After an astonishing season that saw Big Ben and company narrowly miss the playoffs, the loss of both Antonio Brown and Le’Veon Bell is

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Have You Tried Virtual Reality Yet?

Published : April 24, 2019

Try It Before You Buy it at Switch VR Located in The Shops @Rockvale Jump into your imagination made a reality with the height of VR technology at an affordable cost! Whether you utilize this amazing way to experience multi-media for recreational, educational or social purposes, the VR experience always brings something new to the

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What Does The 2019 Retail Apocalypse Mean For The Shops @Rockvale?

Published : April 20, 2019

The world is changing, and retail is changing along with it. Brands and shopping centers that aren’t doing enough to stay afloat during this time are likely to go out the same way the dinosaurs did. If you’re worried about how this will affect The Shops @Rockvale, don’t! We are on top of trends and

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Everything You Need To Camp Comfortably You Can Buy At Coleman Factory Outlets

Published : April 18, 2019

Planning a camping adventure can seem like an overwhelming task if you are new to the camping scene. Even if you are an experienced camper, checking taking inventory of your gear and making a list of things you need to restock or replace can be a task in itself. It may seem necessary to run

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Selena Gomez’s New Puma Collection Is Pure 🔥

Published : April 16, 2019

Selena Gomez is back with her Sophomore capsule collection of Puma Sneakers that has summer written all over them. While her original capsule featured a deep color palette of black, white, red, and forest green, the upcoming line is packed with an array of striking neon colors. Additionally, the line will include sandals, t-shirts and

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Success Diversity & Adaptability

Published : April 10, 2019

Lessons We Can Learn From Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. Success Requires Both Flexibility and Diversity While both hard work and dedication can take you a long way, most successful people are aware that flexibility and diversification are critical to the equation. It is highly recommended for most people to have multiple income streams, if financial

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What We Can Learn From Captain Marvel as a Women’s Empowerment Movie

Published : April 8, 2019

When was the last time you saw a good story with a powerful ending? Well, look no further, because Captain Marvel hits all of the high notes. But the real story is about what this means for women and the culture that makes up female empowerment. A lot of negative news hit the headlines when

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How the Steelers will Replace Antonio Brown

Published : April 5, 2019

Depending on what you thought about Antonio Brown– will dictate whether you like this article. Being in Lancaster is synonymous with being a fan of the Pittsburg Steelers, or the Philadelphia Eagles. In recent years, however, watching the Steelers is kind of like watching a soap opera starring athletes rather than actors. From Le’Veon Bell

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Get Ready For These Spring & Summer Swimsuit Trends For Men

Published : March 28, 2019

Gentlemen, get ready because the heat waves are right around the corner. Let’s face it, swimsuit season isn’t just about reserving your weekends by the pool or hanging out with your best pals embracing the sunshine, wait… who are we kidding? It totally is about that. We can’t deny that those sunny days are perfect

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What Is Experiential Shopping?

Published : March 24, 2019

It is said that time is money. We disagree. The time you spend with your family and friends away from work, school and other commitments is much more precious than time. Not all time is measured equally, or valued equally. While some brick and mortar stores are struggling to compete against the convenience of online

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