Note from the General Manager

There are some very exciting changes going on at The Shops @ Rockvale and we wanted to ensure that our local community is in the know! While it has been a very interesting year full of tribulations, there have been positive things happening here, @ Rockvale. While we have experienced loss, with some of our tenants having to close their doors due to financial difficulty through 2020, we have also made great strides with working toward our future plans.

In July of 2020, Wharton Realty Group, the owners of The Shops @ Rockvale, met with the East Lampeter Board of Supervisors to propose some new and additional mixed uses for the property. The plan was very well received by the Township and it was a unanimous decision to approve the plans intended for the future redevelopment. As we continue to navigate through the next steps of what our “master plan” is, we continue to connect with the community through outreach and events that draw our neighbors and guests together.

Our intentions are to make The Shops @ Rockvale more than a shopping destination that it has always been recognized as. We want Rockvale to be a one-stop community hub that offers everything a neighborhood needs to be self-stained while still enticing our out-of-town guests. We are looking to incorporate uses such as entertainment, more eateries, fitness, childcare, residential, green space, walking trails, convenience, eateries and more into the next chapter of Rockvale.

The property requires more than just a facelift at this point, so we’ll be looking to reconfigure some of the buildings to make it more aesthetically pleasing and easier to navigate while you are visiting. The East Lampeter Township board is working to also improve and enhance the accessibility of the Lincoln Highway Corridor by adding a Rail Trail and making traffic flow more seamless.

Throughout 2021, we will continue to bring you our Monthly Makers Market, Tent Sales, Food Truck Events, Live Music, National Night, Halloween Event and so much more. We really feel that these community events that support small businesses and add value to our existing tenants are what sets us apart from other centers. We give you that sense of community togetherness while we venture into the next phase of the future of Rockvale.

If you have a business and are looking to grow, relocate or start a business, Rockvale, and our future plans, may be the place for you! We have spaces available that range anywhere from 1,200 SF to 50,000 SF, whatever your needs may be, we may be able to work together to make your business dream a reality! We have a fantastic team here at Rockvale that are ready and eager to assist you with your leasing needs. Please take the time to fill out the attached form and we will ensure that your information and interest get into the right hands.

Come grow with us, the best is yet to come!

K. Burkholder – General Manager – The Shops @ Rockvale

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