How Big Box Stores Are Fighting For Fashion Dollars

Published : July 22, 2019


The retail field is ever-changing. We at Rockvale understand that today’s clients are discerning. They want to find both great quality and great prices at the same time. Keeping on top of the world of fashion is one job that our retailers understand very well. One retailing giant that continues to make great strides in so many areas is Costco. Costco is one of the nation’s most respected stores with a devoted following.

Many shoppers go here for special occasions when they need to serve a dozen people for a birthday party. They also come here with other items. In recent years, Costco has not only become a place to find a summer appetizer platter or discount medications. It’s also where shoppers are turning for their fashion needs. Some of the biggest names in fashion can be found on the store’s floors, making it easy for the entire family to find that ideal vacation bathing suit and the perfect set of beach shoes.

Stepping Up

Stepping up the game is now more important than ever before. Shoppers have a great many options including online sales. Savvy retailers know this and make sure they offer something shoppers really want. Searching for clothes can be particularly tricky. Many shoppers prefer to shop in person whenever possible. This allows them to make sure those Adidas sneakers fit well before they hit the gym.

At Costco, they understand the mindset of the clients who come to their doors each day. They know that many shoppers can afford the sixty dollars basic annual fee with ease as they have six-figure household incomes. With this in mind, it’s no wonder that the company has put a toe into the retail fashion field. Some retailers have lost business to their online counterparts. Not so Costco. While the company offers online retailing, they do about ninety-five percent of their business in-store.

Shoppers at Van Heusen come with a sense of excitement. Company officials frequently switch out the merchandise found in the center of the warehouse. Shoppers are increasingly finding upscale clothing at the company’s trademark low prices.

Great Prices

Excellent prices continue to be one of the foundations of the company’s business plan. This has been translated to their fashion offerings. The company keeps profit margins to about fifteen percent. Shoppers know that savings are being passed on to them in the form of lower prices. The same is true of the fashions they’ll find here.

Items like men’s jackets from a quality, high-end retailers can be found here at greatly reduced prices compared with more typical outlets. Costco is the nation’s fourth-largest retailer. It stands behind giants like Amazon, Kroger, and Walmart. Company officials have chosen to leverage this market to the benefit of their shoppers.

Unsold Merchandise

Selling here benefits everyone. Costco executives keep their promise to offer something special for their clients. Major clothing retailers offer the store their unsold merchandise at a vast discount. The shopper is assured of getting access to high-quality items they like best without paying a fat premium. Company officials deal in large volume.

A clothing retailer can be virtually assured the items they drop off here will be sold a short while later. People get new products they like along with the undeniable thrill of the great bargain hunt. Shoppers have learned they can assemble wardrobe overtime for every member of their family. They can reach for shorts and bathing suits in the summer and thick jackets when the cold weather hits. Everyone wins when shopping for clothing from Costco.

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