What We Can Learn From Captain Marvel as a Women’s Empowerment Movie

Published : April 8, 2019

When was the last time you saw a good story with a powerful ending? Well, look no further, because Captain Marvel hits all of the high notes. But the real story is about what this means for women and the culture that makes up female empowerment. A lot of negative news hit the headlines when Captain Marvel was announced. It was the biggest movie on the heels of the most incredible Avengers ending to hit the box office. Despite the criticism from all sides, Brie Larson shut down all attackers in one swift blow.

The real-life criticism of Brie Larson was unwarranted and based solely on her gender. Multiple critics kept pointing to Larson’s looks and politics while ignoring her raw talent. This is common for actresses that don’t follow the status quo. Larson pointed out the lack of diversity in Hollywood when it comes to critics. Before Captain Marvel became a household name, Larson became one of the most disliked women in the industry. The industry wanted her to shut up, and she chose to exercise her right to keep talking. She had no agenda and simply spoke her mind. In a way, she was born to play the role and fit the personality of Captain Marvel.

Several Marvel fans hated the idea of Captain Marvel helping the Avengers…because she was a woman. Not a lot of people will admit to this outright, but the common complaint around the movie was that Captain Marvel was too powerful. A few fans hated the idea that a woman could swoop in and save the day when the next Avengers movie came out.

For comparison, the Black Widow movie coming out received no hate since the character has no special powers. The lesson here is that female characters come in all shapes and sizes. Captain Marvel does not have to take a backseat to other superheroes just because of gender- that is exactly what makes it a special movie.

Captain Marvel was looked down upon due to its strong ties to female empowerment. That one is a headscratcher for sure. Shouldn’t female empowerment be a good thing for all? And furthermore, every time a woman is strong and brave it does not mean writers are catering to female empowerment.

Brie Larson showed that onscreen and offscreen she can beat the haters and look classy while doing it. Empowerment comes from understanding that limitations are not gender-based, but purely thought based. Until this becomes the standard definition for female empowerment, movies like Captain Marvel will continue to be criticized.

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