Christmas Morning Jammies, Where To Get Matching Kids Clothing

When it comes to opening gifts on Christmas morning, you may not think to consider what you are wearing. Prior to the digital age, it might have actually been silly to think about dressing up for gift opening on Christmas morning. In the digital age, however, all of that has changed. Now rather than being a private family event that may involve a few family photos, the entire event has the potential to end up on social media and possibly even broadcast across the globe. Here are four things to consider about Christmas morning before it arrives. Shop some Christmas Jammy stores to give your family that “unit” look. Seriously its embarrassing for your kids when they’re older, but its just too cute.


1. Christmas morning now requires planning

Where once only celebrities had to worry about every event turning into a photo op, now the most normal, average citizens need to do the same. Some people could care less about photos of them in their pajamas showing up online, but others find the idea uncomfortable. Christmas morning and photos or videos are nothing new, but the potential for them to be shared with complete strangers across the globe is. There are numerous ways to deal with Christmas morning photos and videos, but the point is, just like a celebrity, you now need to make a plan for dealing with it.


2. Where you spend Christmas morning determines how much control you have

If you are spending Christmas morning with your immediate family, which consists of yourself, your spouse and small children with no cell phones or social media accounts, the risk of having your image spread across the internet decreases drastically. Every person you spend Christmas morning with that possesses a cell phone and social media account significantly increases your risk of having your family Christmas broadcast across social media, however, so plan accordingly.


3. No one expects viral videos to go viral

Businesses and companies spend a fortune trying to figure out how to make viral videos go viral, but it remains something of a mystery. On the other hand, no one can predict what might happen at any moment that can be captured on video and made viral via social media. You may start the day thinking no one is ever going to pay attention to that video of your family opening Christmas presents, but you just never know what might happen that could suddenly make that event extremely interesting. Every time someone records something on a cell phone, there is a chance it could end up being viewed by millions of people the world over. If you are perfectly comfortable with the world seeing you in your pajamas, then by all means, stay comfortable. If not, you might want to dress with more care- just in case.


4. “Dressing up” doesn’t have to mean dressing to the nines

While Kim Kardashian may don makeup the second she wakes up in the morning, no one expects a normal person to be camera-ready at all times. In fact, it might seem just the tiniest bit narcissistic (no judgment- just not our style) to show up Christmas morning wearing a face full of makeup or a smoking jacket. Do make yourself presentable in the morning, but don’t make everyone wait for an hour or more while you make yourself “camera ready” for Christmas morning. After all, if you have kids you want to make sure you can experience the joy that is on their faces when they see what Santa brought them. If you like to get all dolled up, just plan on getting up early to get prepped. Also remember while your kids might like to sleep in as much as possible to avoid going to school on the weekdays, on Christmas they wake up early. ALWAYS. So plan accordingly.

Ultimately, there is no right or wrong way to dress for Christmas morning, but in this day and age you do have to be aware of the possibility of your private family celebration suddenly becoming a very public one. Whether you want to show up wearing your very best Christmas jammies or slightly more formal loungewear or leisure attire – or go full on glam for The Sake Of the GRAM (Instagram) – you can find whatever you need at The Shops at Rockvale.

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