Can You Ever Be Too Over the Top with Fall Decorations?

Published : September 17, 2019


There really isn’t a way to ever be too over the top with fall decorations. Take a quick glance out the window and see the riot of autumn leaves dancing in the wind, falling gently and creating a colorful new outdoor carpet.

Autumn is the time of year when introspective individuals want to surround themselves in seasonal reminders of their younger days of rolling in piles of crisp, freshly raked leaves. Mostly, fall is the time to bring autumn decorations indoors and outdoors.

Shopping for Fall Decorations

Everyone who loves seasonal shopping knows exactly where to find the very best fall decorations. They head to historic, picturesque Lancaster, Pennsylvania, which in itself is a great way to drink in autumn colors and inspire fall decorating ideas.

One of the jewels of the Lancaster P.A. region is the shopping mecca off Rockvale Road known as The Shops at Rockvale. All of your fall decorating needs are there at your fingertips.

With numerous shops to choose from, make it a weekend shopping spree for the family or friends. A weekend mini-vacation is the ideal way to spend a relaxing time before the onslaught of winter holidays begin.

A Plethora of Shops to Choose From

The Shops at Rockvale offers the most diverse cross-section of shops to choose from. Begin with a stop at Peddler’s Alley where you find home decor perfect for the fall season as well as seasonal gifts. This might be a good way to start holiday gift shopping.

The next stop at the Shops at Rockvale should be the Pottery Barn with various items to add to fall decorations. Christmas Tree Hill outlet supplies every day and seasonal home decor items that turn your home into thoughts of the fall season.

You might want to shop for items with an international nuance. Ten Thousand Villages fit the need perfectly. Here you find handmade baskets to fill with seasonal fruits and veggies to use for indoor or outdoor decorating.

Change Home Decor to Match the Season

West Elm Outlet is one of our Shops at Rockvale’s premier home decor outlets. Change the mood of a room with rugs and pillows or furniture that shouts out the joys of the fall season.

Don’t Forget to Update Your Fall Wardrobe

We at the Shops at Rockvale endeavor to make your visit exciting and enjoyable. Another important feature we offer our customers is name brand clothing.

When it is time to store the summer clothes and update your wardrobe for fall, there is nothing like the Bass Factory Outlet for stylish shoes or Alfred Dunner seasonal clothing collection.

At our Shops at Rockvale, you find jewelry, toys, sporting goods, clothing for children, cosmetics and fragrances, recreational items, hosiery and intimate apparel, books, paper, music as well as onsite amenities for your comfort and enjoyment.

Your Fall Decorating Weekend Shopping Getaway

Book a stay for the weekend at the Comfort Inn at the Shops at Rockvale. Comfort Inn offers free breakfast, a fitness center and seasonal outdoor pool, free WiFi, a convenient microwave and refrigerator, a coffeemaker and work desk in a beautifully appointed room.

There is a BBT bank for ATM and other banking services. After breakfast at the Comfort Inn, stop for lunch at the Subway for a hearty sandwich.

Dinner at the Rockvale Diner is served in the traditional Lancaster style. Start with the Rockvale Diner’s Chili Prepared chili soup and move to a sumptuous Roasted Tom Turkey with homemade filling. It’s a perfect fall dinner.

Lots of Reasons to be Over the Top with Fall Decorations

We at the Shops at Rockvale provide lots of reasons to be over the top with your fall decorations. The Shops at Rockvale would love to see you soon. So make sure to stop by! For more details or to reserve a room for the weekend, visit today.

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