Have You Tried Virtual Reality Yet?

Published : April 24, 2019

Try It Before You Buy it at Switch VR Located in The Shops @Rockvale

Jump into your imagination made a reality with the height of VR technology at an affordable cost! Whether you utilize this amazing way to experience multi-media for recreational, educational or social purposes, the VR experience always brings something new to the table. The kinds of things you can experience with virtual reality ranges from competitive videogames to sports simulation. Another great way to play with this exciting new medium is by visiting a VR arcade and the next time you’re thinking about hosting a group event, consider VR technology as an addition to your activities.

At The Shops @Rockvale, our Switch VR arcade has the latest and greatest models of VR equipment all setup and ready for you to play. this isn’t your average arcade experience, the explosive sensory stimulus and next level game design means that you shouldn’t miss out on a jaunt through the virtual world by yourself or with friends. One other reason that you should visit our arcade is that buying VR equipment can be expensive, so trying out the sets before you fully buy them is a fantastic way to find out the kind of equipment you want.

Take on two laser swords and hack your way to victory in the fast-paced Beat Saber. Take on Arizona Sunrise and prove to your friends that you can survive the zombie horde- who doesn’t want a little “Walking Dead” experience? You can even get some work done by playing Job Simulator and toiling through this comedic yet difficult game.

Smashbox Arena is a must-try for a multiplayer showdown that can be enjoyed by kids and adults alike. Richie’s Plank Experience will set your heart racing with a realistic challenge atop precarious and lofty heights. Stave off an endless assault of droids in a high-intensity world by playing Space Pirate Trainer. These are just a few examples of the new and fun games we have to offer, however, there are so many more cool ways to enjoy VR than can be listed. If you want to try out even more of the cutting-edge games on the market, treat yourself to a brand new experience by swinging by our arcade.

Is Virtual Reality Fun For Adults?

People of any age or gaming skill can enjoy the VR experience thanks to the ergonomic design and universality of the gameplay, though it’s recommended for children over the age of seven. We’ve got over 100 different equipment setups at our 10 separate stations, so there’s plenty to enjoy! The tons of games that are available means that anyone from highly skilled players to novices will find something to enjoy.

The Springboard VR management software that our Switch Vr arcade uses makes the multiplayer experience reliable and fluid. Be sure to contact us and set up an appointment when you’re ready for a stupendous trip through what VR has to offer.

The Switch VR arcade aims to create an unforgettable memory to those that visit. While shopping at The Shops @Rockvale, don’t neglect to visit our arcade to check out what we have to offer. Walk-ins or appointments are welcome and, most of all, enthusiastic VR gamers!

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