How To Throw A First Class Holiday Dinner Party

Published : December 23, 2019

Throwing a dinner party can be an exciting event. We know there’s nothing quite as amazing as getting a group of friends and/or family together for a dinner party. You’ll want to remember a few tips to keep the dinner party running smoothly.

We all know that dinner guests can have specific allergies or sensitivities to foods. You’ll want to check with the guests who will be attending your party to ask them if they have any food intolerances. Don’t just assume that your guests won’t have food allergies. While it’s often not possible to cater to every dish to their needs, it is usually possible to offer at least one or two dishes that will meet their needs. If you find you must purchase additional cookware in order to prepare or cook the food for the party, The Shops@Rockvale can be of assistance.

We encourage you to pick out some light music to use before or after the dinner party. It is best not to play the music while everyone is eating, but very quiet music can really set the mood for great conversation and camaraderie. If you happen to know the musical likes and dislikes of your guests, you should try to cater to your playlist around their preferences. Feel free to throw in a few of your favorite tunes as well.

If you’re planning on having games or other activities before or after the dinner party, we encourage you to plan them out ahead of time. Think about the number of guests you’re having and what board games and other fun activities might work well with that number of guests.

There are many ideas for beautiful table settings and décor online. Everyone loves a beautiful table setting. Don’t forget the napkins; cloth napkins make for a very classy appearance. If you don’t remember how to do a traditional place setting, there are many online tutorials that can help guide you through that process. If you need new napkins or silverware for your event, The Shops@Rockvale can help.

If you invited parents to your dinner party who are planning on bringing their children, you’ll want to decide if you want a separate table for the children to sit at while the adults eat at the main table. Sometimes it can be fun for the children to socialize amongst themselves while eating the meal.

If possible, have someone standing at the door ready to greet your guests in order to make them feel welcome. If you are married or have a boyfriend or girlfriend, the greeter can be your significant other. If you’re not married, perhaps a close friend or family member can volunteer to greet the rest of the individuals attending the party. Whoever is doing the greeting should also volunteer to place the guests’ coats and handbags in a safe spot for them. It is also a nice gesture for the greeter to usher the guests to their seats.

Finally, we advise that you make the dinner party as stress-free as possible. Don’t fret about little issues that arise when preparing the food, setting the table or inviting the guests. Just be the excellent host or hostess you know you can be, and don’t forget to check out The Shops@Rockvale for all your ho-ho holiday shopping needs!

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