How Keep Fit And Avoid The Holiday Weight Gain

Published : November 28, 2018

Make It Through The Holidays And Not Put On Winter Weight- Yes It’s Possible

With the holiday season right around the corner, for many of us, we will be adding “avoid seasonal weight gain” to the endless list. Engaging and indulging in all that the upcoming festivities have to offer is certainly a reason to get excited. However, when it is all said and done, the scales, our favorite pair of jeans and brutally honest friends and family show no mercy. How could you possibly enjoy the holidays without feeling guilty afterward?

For some of us, we have been working long and hard to scale back a few extra pounds throughout the year. For others, the thought of gaining weight is simply a pound in the wrong direction. Either way, weight gain is not part of the plan this winter. No matter the level of effort, we all desire to look and feel our best. The good news is that there is a happy medium. Here are a few ways that you could make it through the winter holidays without sporting a matching Santa belly.

This article is not about how to get skinny or any other nonsense. It’s about how you can live your best life, feel good about yourself and not sabotage your fitness and health.

Learn Portion Control



If you have tried several approaches to losing weight, you may have heard that you can enjoy what you want to eat in moderation. During the holiday season, there is an abundance of food and tons of options to choose from. It is a good idea to practice portion control once the holidays arrive. One specific tip is to read labels and look for serving sizes and nutritional value. This will give you a good estimate on how much is too much. More than likely, by the time the food reaches the table, it will be difficult to grab all of the ingredients and calculate the numbers.

Buy Small Plates

Another option would be to use a smaller plate. If necessary, bring your own along. When grabbing larger plates, we may subconsciously – or consciously – fill it up to its compacity. This is a sure way to pack on those extra pounds. By changing the size of your plate, you are instantly reducing your food intake, which would result in scaling back a few extra calories and after-holiday guilt.  Some of our home decor stores offer trendy smaller plates to make this a breeze.

Gain an Accountability Partner



No matter how devoted you are to the process, there are days where motivation is much needed. Having an accountability partner means someone to support and encourage you every step of the process. Generally speaking, diets and weight loss plans have a better chance at success when there is a great support system to motivate you along the way and assist with overcoming those inevitable hurdles.

Chances are, you are not the only one amongst your family and friends that is struggling to behave during the festivities. Grab someone who has similar goals as you and hold them accountable. This is especially beneficial during the holidays since the cranberry sauce may be the healthiest option available. Just having a buddy for that extra push and inspiration is a great way to stay focused. Don’t forget to reciprocate the same support.

Include Regular Exercise



Nothing screams relaxation better than the comfort and cozy feel of the holidays. It is easy to skip the normal regimen and dive right into the holiday traditions. The cooler weather and time spent bonding with loved ones could result in a lot more sedentary activity when compared to the rest of the year. Don’t skip out on physical activity. Even if you do find yourself overindulging during the winter season, consistent exercise could help to control and hinder potential weight gain.

What’s even better is that you could always bond with family and friends by finding an activity that could get everyone up off the couch and moving. For example, while watching football – a popular tradition during the holiday season – use halftime as an opportunity to gather everyone up for a brief game if the weather permits.

Use this time to change up the routine by running a holiday-themed race, taking advantage of a friend’s gym membership guest pass or engage in snow-related sports, such as skiing or snowboarding. Whatever it is, make time to invest in your overall health while preventing the unwanted pounds.

Set and Stick to Your Goals

This may be the most challenging tip but may yield the best results. If losing or maintaining your weight is the goal, consistency will always be the key. Before the holidays make their way, write down and sort out your goals. Keep them attainable and reasonable. If avoiding temptation is not one of your strongest qualities, use limitation rather than restriction. For example, instead of bypassing the mouth-watering food altogether during the Christmas party, set a goal to have healthy options for dinner then treat yourself to a small portion of dessert.

Setting goals that are unfeasible can be counterproductive. If you set a target that is restrictive or impractical, eventually, you will realize that the goal is a far reach. This could lead to poor habits going forward. During the holidays, set goals that you could apply and use long-term. These goals will help you down the road regardless of your ultimate objective. Another tip is to condense your aim into smaller goals. If overall weight loss is what you are setting out for, set weekly targets. This could help keep you on track before, during and after the holiday season.

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