How Instagram Is Changing Brick And Mortar Buying And Selling

Published : May 11, 2019


Brick and Mortar stores have been present since time immemorial where customers pick goods and pay for them on a physical location. As a Brick and mortar store, we have felt the impact of digitalization. The onset of the digital world has changed the way we operate. These stores are no longer a place for buying and selling as this is not sufficient to keep afloat.

With the digital age, we have to strive to tell a story with our products to entice customers to buy. The stories that we tell need to be highly visual and communicate a message that is shareable on social media platforms. Instagram is one of the major social media platforms that we have to keep up with because of its popularity continually.

Make Products “Grammable”

At the moment, we have to arrange items and products in our stores to be ‘grammable.’ This means the placement of products in our stores need to be worthy of a photograph that is then posted on Instagram. Instagram is a photo-sharing platform that is used by users all around the world.

Due to its high popularity, different brands like cricket have to adjust their marketing and branding strategies to fit the digital world. Solely relying on a physical location and hoping customers will walk in is no longer sufficient as we are forced to convince clients to come to the store. This new trend that we have picked up on is known as visual monetizing.

Visual monetizing

Visual monetizing provides us with an opportunity to create visual moments through photos. These moments come to life in a picture that tells a different story each time we rearrange items. We strive to tell a different story every single time because we want our customers to have a new reason to visit the store each time.

One Instagram post is not enough, and we need to reinvent our stores every few weeks to give ‘grammable’ visualizations. Through the reinvention, we can give our clients new grammable moments. We also ensure that our visualization is perfect for phone camera lenses. We create amazing images that when captured through phone, they communicate and tell a story.

Instagram is continuously changing how we operate our physical stores to retain customers and keep more coming in. Traditionally, we were used to selling merchandise and interacting with customers face to face. The digital world has changed this to selling moments with customers.

Shareable Visual Content

As a retail store, we have to change our marketing strategies to the inclusion of shareable visual content that impacts the lives of our customers emotionally. Pop-up stores for retail shops are on the rise, and it is here that we can create these moments with clients. We no longer display merchandise during pop-ups but create a graphic, high visual content with the merchandise and create ‘grammable’ images. These images are then shared on Instagram, and we reach a broader target audience and increase our sales.

Instagram has provided stores like Coleman factory outlet with an opportunity to create value for their brand. We always update our photos and create new stories each time which helps us gain new customers and show our brands value. However, it is the consistency that we have on Instagram that creates the value for our brand. Our photos also enable us to engage with our customers and get an insight into what they feel about the brand. Instagram has changed how stores do retail and how they sell.

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