Looking To Save Money On Your Family’s Cell Phone Plan In Lancaster? Check Out Cricket Wireless in The Shops @Rockvale

Published : February 27, 2019

When looking for Outlet Centers in Lancaster Pennsylvania, the place to go is The Shops @Rockvale. Since we’re all about helping you save money and helping you win by pulling off looks for you and your home (for less)- we figured we needed to tell you about how to save money on your cell phone plan. There are tons of different family cell phone plans out there. But families of 4, are usually spending $160-$250 a month after you factor in the financing of a phone.

Lower Your Cell Phone Bill with Cricket Wireless

With so many wireless companies out there, it is hard to know which plan is best for a family of four (or more). This will help break down some of that information for you and compare family plans for Cricket Wireless, AT&T, and Verizon. The main things that will be compared are price, features, special promotions, and overall wireless quality.

At Cricket Wireless in Lancaster, there are two options for a family of four wireless plan. The first option is to have four lines with unlimited data for $100 per month. The other option is to have four lines with 20GB of data shared which would be 5GB per line for $110 per month. The first option with unlimited data appears to be a better deal if your family loves data.

The key features of this plan include no long-distance charges, no data roaming charges, and 10GB of high-speed hotspot usage. A special promotion that they offer is a $5 discount when you sign up for their Auto Pay.

The cost for a family plan at AT&T is $160 a month for 4 lines with unlimited data or $140 a month for 4 lines with 9GB of data per line. In looking at the unlimited data option, there are a few main features. These include unlimited, talk, text, and data, SD streaming, and no extra charges for text or call in Canada or Mexico. At AT&T you must purchase a phone through their company which will be added to the monthly bill. The additional cost per phone ranges from about $14-$50 per month. A special promotion they currently have is to buy one phone and get one free.

At Verizon there are three main family plan options including an unlimited, beyond unlimited, and above unlimited plan. The basic unlimited plan is $40 per line per month, or $120 per month for a family of four. This plan includes unlimited 4G LTE data, unlimited text and talk, and unlimited mobile hotspot. They have a special promotion that offers 6 months free of Apple Music when you sign up for a wireless plan. You have to buy a phone as well through Verizon which range in price from about $5 to $45 a month.

Overall, most of the wireless companies have very similar plans, especially when comparing unlimited plans. The main differences are in the monthly cost and any special promotions that the company may offer.

When looking at Cricket Wireless, AT&T, and Verizon, the most cost-effective plan was with Cricket Wireless at $100 per month for a family of 4. It should be noted that this doesn’t include the cost of the phone. If you feel this is the right family plan for you, then head over to the Cricket Wireless store in The Shops @Rockvale in Lancaster Pennsylvania.

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