Magic Is In The Air @ The Lancaster Disney Store! What You Will Find at Your Local Disney Destination.

The title says it all. Magic is truly in the air when you walk into the Disney Store! Bring your child or children into the Lancaster Disney Store today and relive all the joy and innocence of childhood through watching the expressions of your children as they interact with everything in the store.

The Disney Store is conveniently located in The Shops @Rockvale. The Shops @Rockvale are among the best places to shop in Lancaster Pennsylvania- sure we might be slightly biased. We have over 60 stores and restaurants, including the awe-inspiring Disney Store. Stop by soon and let The Shops @Rockvale help you meet all your dining and shopping needs. And, you’ll definitely want to make sure you stop by the Disney Store when you are here!

The Disney Store sells toys, clothing, and more based off of the wonderful movies created by Walt Disney and other amazing artists. Your kids are sure to find something special to bring home with them, or to add to their wish list for their birthday or another special occasion.

They might decide they want a stuffed animal of their favorite Disney character. Who doesn’t love Mickey, Simba, Aladdin, or Ariel? Or maybe, there’s a shirt they’re eyeing with a fun saying on it. Maybe, they want to get a costume so they can dress up as their favorite Disney character. The possibilities are endless! Your children will be so glad you brought them to this tiny little piece of magical paradise!

What’s It Like In A Disney Store? What To Expect.

When you walk into the Disney Store, you’ll realize that it is not just another store. The atmosphere is so pleasant and upbeat that you will likely feel like a kid again. The Disney Store is designed to be a fun place for both children and their parents to shop and hang out.

Throughout the store, you’ll see all your favorite Disney characters printed on clothing, toys, and more! You’ll see lots of bright colors and fun things to shop for. There is also an interactive area towards the back of the store where your children can play with some of their favorite Disney characters. Of course, you’ll hear classic Disney tunes as you’re shopping. Be careful, you might catch yourself singing along to some of your favorites. When you visit the Disney store, you’ll be doing more than just shopping.

As you can probably already tell, the Disney Store is not just for kids. Disney also owns all the Marvel Movies and Star Wars. So if you’re a fan of any of these movies, then you’ll surely find something special for yourself too. Go ahead, treat yourself to a little gift too. The kids aren’t the only ones who deserve a treat every now and then.

Bring your whole family to The Shops at Rockvale and plan to spend a fun day at one of the best Outlet Centers in Lancaster Pennsylvania. Be sure to leave plenty of time for your visit to the Disney Store. The kids aren’t going to want to leave! And, let’s face it, mom and dad won’t want to leave either.

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