Get Ready For These Spring & Summer Swimsuit Trends For Men

Published : March 28, 2019

Gentlemen, get ready because the heat waves are right around the corner. Let’s face it, swimsuit season isn’t just about reserving your weekends by the pool or hanging out with your best pals embracing the sunshine, wait… who are we kidding? It totally is about that.

We can’t deny that those sunny days are perfect for all those things, but it’s also about choosing the right swimsuit so you can sit, lay or play poolside, or lakeside in style this summer. And by the way, when we said “pals”, we meant your kids pulling your every which way, besides the one you wanted to go.

Whether you are wanting to replace those outdated trunks, or you’re curious about trying the newest trends, we’ve got you covered. Luckily, we have so many options to choose from this year and we’re spilling all of the details. Editors note- man is it difficult to find family-friendly images of swimsuits. 

Functional Vintage

Retro fashion is always in. It’s all in the details with a comfortable silhouette, breathability, a nice stretch, and functional length. This style is great for those who favor long-length swimwear like a classic boardshorts but still staying on trend. Did we mention, stretchable? Nothing more uncomfortable than splitting your swim trunks!!

Rugged Action Man

This military-inspired look has come full circle hitting the beaches by storm. If you’re going for something a little outside of your comfort zone, these action-packed shorts are best kept at mid-thigh range and can vary from solid hunter green to the full on army fatigue print.

Nautical Stripes

This swimsuit trend is a no-brainer. These classic, effortless bottoms are getting an upgrade this season with next level lines whether they’re tilted, layered, re-colored or stacked. White striped shorts are the go-to trend featuring bold vertical stripes that can easily be paired with a basic tee and sandals for a stylish day-to-night transitional look. Bold stripes are also very much in and work wonders if you’re not exactly beach body ready.
Tip: Horizontal stripes are great for adding a little width, while vertical stripes are great for elongating your body.

Botanical Bod

Floral prints have made the leap from feminine favorites to Instagram-worthy essentials for men. Tropical designs add a fun flair to your style and allow you to dip your toe in the water if you’re not quite ready for prints in your life. On the plus side, you don’t have to worry about what you’re going to pair with them.

Rise of the Thigh-High


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This style is dominating the men’s swimwear game. Pretty much every style listed in this article is a subset of the thigh high. A style that’s flattering to nearly all body types is just one advantage, not to mention these were made to make a statement. With a classic fit and the right color, you’re on your way to turning heads with a little poolside posing. Finding a solid color won’t just make things easier, but it’s also not as likely to go out of style as quickly.

Printed Vibes

Prints on swimwear were designed to draw attention. If you’re looking to make a bold statement this summer, this style is for you. Printed shorts are worn best above the knee or slightly shorter in length. If you’re not a fan of prints, start with something muted, keeping the color and patterns a little more low-key. They’re a great pair of shorts to keep in rotation for years to come as well.

Color Block

Color blocking provides the best of both worlds. Maybe you’re not quite ready for prints, but want to switch things up from traditional solid swimwear. If you’re in need of a tan, opt for darker shades like burgundy, navy blue or green. For darker complexions, go for something a little more vibrant like lime green, yellow or orange.

There’s really never a bad time to start thinking about your spring and summer swimwear style. Grabbing a pair of your favorite finds before warm weather hits essentially means you aren’t scrambling last minute or having to hunt down your size while battling the crowd of last-minute beach-goers. Head over to The Shops @Rockvale today and snag your favorite styles before it’s too late!

Men’s Swimsuit Styles of 2019 For Sale In Lancaster PA

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