School Supply Drive- Help Students In Lancaster County

Published : August 9, 2019


Have you finished getting your family and yourself ready to head back to school? Here at The Shops@Rockvale we are busy getting ready with many new items. It is sure to be something you want or need.

A free shopping spree would come in handy right now. We are offering a chance for you to win a shopping spree at our Mall. The Shops@Rockvale are offering you an opportunity to win $500 worth of Rockvale gift cards to complete your back to school purchases. It is easy to enter and you might win.

Participation is easy and it is rewarding as well. The Shops@Rockvale are inviting you to help the students in Lancaster County receive the school supplies they need. It can be very expensive to buy supplies, pay school fees, get new clothes and shoes and manage lunches. This is your chance to be part of our plan to help out. Receive free entry tickets for the gift card drawing for each school supply item you donate at the shops.

Here is the list of the needed supplies:

Pencil pouches
Hand Sanitizer
Box of Facial Tissues
Single subject notebooks
1-inch binders
2 pocket folders in various colors
Ballpoint pens
#2 Pencils
Box of colored pencils
Dry erase markers
Glue sticks
Index cards

Each package receives an entry, but remember that items must be new to receive an entry ticket. You may drop your donations off when you come to shop at The Shops@Rockvale. The Mall Office, Pepperidge Farm, Book Warehouse or The Disney Store will receive your donations and give you your entry tickets. Choose the site that is convenient for you. We will collect all of the donated supplies and deliver them to schools in Lancaster County before the start of school. You do not have to worry about delivery or who to give them to.

Note that the Mall Office hours are Monday through Saturday from 9 am to 5 pm. This promotion began July 20th and will run until August 17th so there is still time for you to help children in need and enter for a chance to win.

Come to Discover

If you have never shopped at The Shops@Rockvale this is one more good reason for you to come to discover our fall line-up of fashions, furnishings and more. We are Pennsylvania’s premium retail outlet with over fifty stores. Find us at 35 S. Willowdale Drive, Lancaster, PA 17602. While shopping for our great sales, take the time to enjoy a meal or snack with us at several food vendor locations.

You will be surprised at the savings in our stores, with up to 60% off some of our back to school items. Not only that, we offer military discounts and senior discounts as well. We would welcome you to sign up to be a preferred customer for even better deals and notifications of sales.

Do not forget to bring new school supplies to the collection points. Get your tickets for the $500 gift card drawing. This promotion ends on August 17. Whether you are sending a child to preschool or to college visit The Shops@Rockvale for the best deals on clothing, furniture and more.

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