Get Ready For These Spring & Summer Swimsuit Trends For Women

Published : March 11, 2019

The weather is finally warming up and swimsuit season is upon us. As we approach the Spring and Summer months, we’re on the lookout for the hottest swimsuit trends in 2019. Thankfully we have found the most envy-worthy swimsuit trends for this year and we’re ready to share.

Editors Note:
Finding family-friendly images of these types of swimsuits can be hard, so to not distract anyone we opted to not put images that could be provoking or not family friendly.


Cutout Styling

This year, we’re seeing a lot of one-piece swimsuits with cutout details. Cutouts create a nice one-piece meets two-piece bathing suit phenomenon. Yes, these features can create some pretty interesting tan-lines, but if you’re brave, this shouldn’t stop you from getting some of the cutest swimsuits on the market.

High Waisted Bottoms

Finally, a style that looks great on every body type. High waisted bikini bottoms are popping up everywhere and for good reason. This style looks good on everyone, no matter their body type.

The bottoms usually come up to the belly button or slightly higher. This high waisted style is a mirror image of the ultra-cute high waisted shorts or pants that were everywhere in the ’50s, making this retro fashion perfect for the vintage style lover.

Criss-Cross Tops

Every bikini lover has their eye on the criss-cross top swimsuits during the Spring and Summer seasons this year. These flirty bathing suits bring a lingerie-like quality to your bikini.

The criss-cross detail brings extra attention to your waist giving everyone a nice, curvy figure that you will be eager to show off at the beach or pool party. The extra strapping also gives a more secure fit for those worried about their tops.

Retro Style

Throwback swimsuits are giving us a glimpse into the past with high-cut bottoms, bright accent colors, and other ’60s and ’70s features. This style is there for anyone who wants to feel like a ’70s sunkissed model. Don’t forget to run in slow motion or the Farrah Fawcett hair.

Pastel Colors

Pastel Colors are a staple of the Spring season. This year, however, we may see the pastel color trend spill over into the summer months. Colors like Powder Pink, Baby Blue, and Lilac are sure to give you a fresh look this year.

These soft colors are in high contrast with usual bright, in-your-face colors that we are used to seeing in the Summer, but there is something refreshing about laying out by a pool in a color that is soft and sweet.

Lace-Up Tops

Lace-up bikini tops are giving a stylish nod to vintage corsets, making this the sexiest swimsuit style this year. We have been seeing one-piece swimsuits with a lace-up feature in the popularity spotlight for a few years now. While this trend isn’t going anywhere, the lace-up bikini top is beginning to take the spotlight.

The great thing about the lace-up detail is its compatibility with any pattern. You may think that the laces may distract from your fun animal print, but it’s quite the opposite. The laces add a little fun to any print you choose and even enhances a plain-colored bikini.

Animal Prints- RARRR!

Speaking of favorite patterns, the animal print swimsuit is back and even more fierce. Leopard print lost a little steam for a while there, but they are coming back and cuter than ever. Leopard print isn’t the only one on the scene, Zebra print is also making a big entrance.

Animal prints are showing up in nude tones, making them a fun and flirty option for those who aren’t interested in bold colors. Who doesn’t want to be a safari-style cutie on the beach this year?

There are so many sexy and fun swimsuit trends this year and there is definitely something for everyone. Why not make your way to The Shops @Rockvale today and find your favorite style. Click here to see apparel companies that can offer what you desire. As well as our Hosiery & Intimate stores.

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