The Best Christmas Movies To Watch With Kids

It’s the most wonderful time of year, so gather around the TV with some hot chocolate and your favorite snacks! The holidays are a magical time for adults and children alike. With the whole family coming together, it’s important to find kid-friendly Christmas movies that are sure to spread plenty of cheer for everyone.

Stay merry and bright with these classics and new releases. These kid-friendly family holiday movies are just one way to bond together this season. After a day of shopping for gifts at Rockvale, with over 80 stores and restaurants, come home, kick up your feet and get ready to laugh your heartiest “ho, ho, ho!” with these Christmas flicks.

“A Charlie Brown Christmas”

This 1965 classic is a beloved tradition in thousands of households. Join lovable but unlucky Charlie Brown and the rest of the Peanuts as they celebrate the holidays. Kids will laugh at all of Snoopy’s adorable antics while witnessing an important message about the true meaning of Christmas. It’s to about the size of the tree or the presents underneath it.

“Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer”

For anyone who’s ever felt just a little bit different, Rudolph is a champion for embracing the things that make you unique. The smallest reindeer rises from the outcast of the North Pole to the leader of Santa’s sleigh in this incredible journey. Venturing to the Island of Misfit Toys, Rudolph becomes the most important reindeer in the world thanks to his shiny nose on a foggy night.

With the help of memorable characters like Herby, the elf who dreams of becoming a dentist, and the brazen adventurer Yukon Cornelius, this heartwarming tale is one you can’t skip this season.


The 2003 film stars Will Farrel as Buddy, a human raised among elves in the North Pole, and his quest to find his real father in New York City. Working at Santa’s Workship in a department store, Buddy will have to learn how to adapt to human life in the big city while trying to convince his human dad that he’s the real deal.

Buddy’s hilarious endurance will have kids howling with laughter. By the end of the film, everyone will be rooting for the non-elf who truly knows what it means to spread Christmas cheer.


Elsa, a girl born with magical ice powers, locks herself away after a near-death experience almost takes the life of her sister, Anna. Years go by, and suddenly, it’s time for Elsa’s coronation as queen.

A turn of events sends Elsa off into the mountains, determined to isolate herself and never harm anyone again. Her sister, Anna, sets out on a quest to find her sister with the help of Olaf, an adorable talking snowman, a helpful explorer named Kristoff and his pet reindeer, Sven.

The group must work together to save their kingdom from being frozen in an eternal winter, and they’ll need the power of true love to do it.

“The Polar Express”

All aboard! The film adaption of the captivating children’s book depicts a young boy’s magical journey to the North Pole on Christmas Eve. Waking up, the boy is shocked to discover a train parked outside of his house. The Polar Express only has one destination, and the lucky boy soon discovers he’s one of the children who will receive their gifts early this year.

“Arthur Christmas”

This is a side of Santa you don’t see every day. Behind the scenes at the North Pole, the Claus family are a quirky bunch who strive to give kids around the world the best Christmas possible. Arthur, a clumsy and compassionate member of the Claus family, sets out on a remarkable adventure to make sure one little girl doesn’t miss Christmas.

“The Elf on a Shelf: An Elf’s Story”

Did you remember to move the elf tonight?

This movie tells the tale of one boy whose begun to doubt the existence of Santa. Unsurprisingly, the elves that have found their ways into the hearts and homes of so many families sweep in to restore one child’s faith in Christmas.

“Prep & Landing”

An elf’s work is never done, as you’ll discover in “Prep & Landing.” This special squadron of Santa’s helpers ensure all homes are prepped and ready for the most important night of the year. Follow along as Wayne, a seasoned and tired pro, and his novice partner, Lanny, face a slew of unexpected challenges and discover an entirely new meaning to Christmas.

Family Films Bring You Closer Together

What are some of your favorite holiday movies to watch with the kids? Films we watch during the holiday season have a tendency to become a tradition. We hope you’ll enjoy this seasonal selection and find a new family classic.

The Shops @Rockvale loves the holidays. We welcome you to come shop with us and make the most out of it with your family. We want to be your destination for high-quality clothing, tech, home decor and more. Visit our shopping mall and see why we’re more than outlet shopping.

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