The Top Trending Colors for Home Décor 2019

Published : June 21, 2019


Color is a crucial component when it comes to any home decor plan. The use of color is what people notice immediately. Designers and other color experts are creating many wonderful trends in home decor for 2019. The colors they’re using are pleasing to the eye, elegant and thoughtful. If you’re planning a renovation or just want to spruce up your home add interesting color where there was none before, these colors serve as a great place to begin. Colors such as dark green, lilac and bright shades of color offer any room a much needed, truly modern update.

Soothing Dark Green

Dark Green is an ideal color in rooms that get little light. The deep rich shade offers a patina in a room that otherwise feels cramped and dreary. Use it in spaces where you want to spend a lot of time indoors. This one helps bring the outdoors inside without making it feel heavy. Dark green pairs well with many other types of colors and accessories. This color works well with shades of deep pink and warm blue. Bring in blue and green on the walls and carpeting. Then add pink cushions and gold accent pieces.

Soft Lilac

Lilac is one of many trading shades of lavender and violet. Lilac can serve as a backdrop for many kinds of furnishings. If you love dark wood, the light tones in this color set off well. Lilac also works with many other pastels. This is a good choice for those homeowners in search of a room that speaks of serenity and relaxation. Lilac is the ideal color to use in places dedicated to escaping from the stresses and strains of life. Use it with confidence in the bedroom on the sheets and a new light coverlet for a good night’s sleep.

Vibrant Coral

Coral is a shade that teems with life. This lively hue brings much-needed energy in rooms that have none. Designers love this color because it speaks of days in the sun all year round. Coral is an ideal choice in rooms designed for lots of movement. Place it in the basement or a playroom where kids spend hours engaging in active fun. Coral is also a good choice for many types of accessories that you can at Christmas Tree Hill. Lampshades, books, and flowers set off darker shades in the room and help bring it to life any time of the year.

Understated Off Cream

Neutrals are seen in many forms in home decor this year. Off cream is a popular shade that combines several different shades of white, beige and grey in a single color choice. The creamy tones in this color add light and help make any space feel warmly inviting. Cream is an effective choice for details like the home’s trim. It’s also being seen in thick rugs that are very much on point this season. Offer contrast with lots of small pictures on the walls to add vivid bits of color.

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