What Does The 2019 Retail Apocalypse Mean For The Shops @Rockvale?

Published : April 20, 2019

The world is changing, and retail is changing along with it. Brands and shopping centers that aren’t doing enough to stay afloat during this time are likely to go out the same way the dinosaurs did. If you’re worried about how this will affect The Shops @Rockvale, don’t! We are on top of trends and are constantly developing and changing so that we can stay relevant even as retail is changing the way in which it operates.

Marketing Online, While Remaining An Experiential Company

A big reason that so many retailers are going out of business is because so much business is being done online.

However, our stores understand that they can still operate as long as they are still reaching out to that increasing demographic of people who shop online. For this reason, we encourage our retail businesses to market products and services online.

Many of them may even choose to market some products or services online via Google My Business, Facebook and more. However, they will often offer exclusives and incentives that get people into their actual physical stores, as well as special events that boost business. This is using the internet to drive an instore sale.

Many retailers at The Shops @Rockvale are also selling gift certificates and more online that can then be used in-store. There is still a need for retail establishments, but the trick is for our businesses to access people online in an effort to gain their business in-person.

Interactive Experiences

People might not be willing to come out to The Shops @Rockvale just to shop. After all, they can do that online. That’s why we make our shopping center a full-scale experience. Younger shoppers especially are interested in an experience and not just a transaction.

Currently, we are working on The Park @Rockvale, as well as a full-service “fun zone,” which will provide a space for dining, hanging out with friends, and having fun with the kids.

By taking our shopping center from more than just a shopping plaza to a full-service family fun spot, we feel confident that we will survive the Retail Apocalypse and even thrive where other similar businesses have failed.

Superior Service

When you shop online, you avoid face to face interaction altogether. Some people might see this as a major plus. However, there really is no substitute for good, in-person service.

For that reason, we encourage all of our retailers to go above and beyond in terms of the customer service that they offer. That excellent service- the smiling faces and the VIP treatment every guest receives- are what will keep people coming back for more. Ultimately, good customer service is going to enable our retail establishments to match the demand for online buying and selling transactions and maybe even surpass it.

High-Tech Services

People enjoy buying online for a lot of reasons. One of the big ones is the interactive shopping experience, including products targeted just for them based on buying history, and special deals and offers.

However, none of those things are exclusive to online shopping. Each of our stores is getting more and more high-tech each day, incorporating technology and “extras” to make the in-person shopping experience just as “high-tech” if not more so than shopping online, and it’s a whole lot more personal too!

As you can see, there are many reasons to continue shopping at The Shops @Rockvale. We’re working hard to stay current and meaningful in light of the Retail Apocalypse, so rest assured that you’ll have us and our great stores and experiences, including The Park @Rockvale, to count on for a very long time to come.

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