What Is Experiential Shopping?

It is said that time is money. We disagree. The time you spend with your family and friends away from work, school and other commitments is much more precious than time. Not all time is measured equally, or valued equally. While some brick and mortar stores are struggling to compete against the convenience of online shopping, our goal is to create a space where you can enjoy time with your loved ones and sample what’s new the world of retail.

What is Experiential Shopping?

The goal of anyone creating an experiential shopping experience is to tap into all of the senses of the shopper. We want to engage your sense of touch with a dab of perfume taste with a delicious coffee or sweet treat hearing with your favorite tune as you model a new garment &  smell with the aroma of fresh bread and view the latest fashions. We are talking about an EXPERIENCE, more than a transaction.

By wrapping you in these sensory experiences, we want to make your shopping trip an entertaining and creative event.

The Creative Power of Window Shopping

If you join us at The Shops @Rockvale, you’ll notice that our goal isn’t just to exchange your money for our goods. We want you to linger. We want you to enjoy sipping a coffee and do some window shopping.

Shopping should be a creative, enjoyable experience. When you pull a garment from a clothing rack, you know how it will work with the rest of your closet. The creative act of combining what you have with one new piece is a fun and exciting brain teaser. We didn’t invite you here just to buy things. We want you to experience them!

Come to The Shops @Rockvale!

In an effort to make shopping an enjoyable experience worth your time, The Shops @Rockvale are excited to give you plenty to see, smell, taste, hear and touch. Our space provides you with a place to spend time with family and friends while considering a new wardrobe piece or a new scent for a change in the seasons.

We offer experiences that are both local and national. Need a specific garment from a designer offered by a national chain that you’ve grown to trust? We have that. Want to sample handmade soaps and candles from local artisans? We have that too!

Need something for your spouse or your kids to do while you try a few things on? We can help with that. You and your family are welcome at the Shops @Rockvale. Our space is here for you to enjoy and we’d like you to enjoy some quality time together while you check out this jewel of Lancaster, PA.

Bring the Family!

The Shops @Rockvale have taken shopping to a new level of relaxation with the creation of The Park @Rockvale. This family-friendly space will give friends a place to gather while children burn off some energy in a safe space. If you sometimes struggle for time to consider how a purchase will work with your existing items, you can fight the complaint of “I’m bored!” with a promise of time in our Park.

Final Thoughts

It’s a simple truth of life that we all, on occasion, need to replace things. Perfume gets used up, clothes wear out, and electronic gadgets become outdated or fail. Rather than hopping online to purchase a replacement, spend some time with us. We’re excited to enjoy both your presence and your patronage.

The Shops @Rockvale. Come Shops Lancaster’s Best Outlet Shopping Area

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