What Does My Husband Want For Valentine’s Day? Power Tools.. Duh!

Now that it is already February, that means Valentine’s Day is fast approaching! Shopping for your husband can be challenging. Sometimes it is hard to know what he will want or if he will even use the gift you give him. Well, unless you give him socks. Guys always need socks.



Your Husband Called. He Wants Power Tools.


This year, give him a gift that he’ll be sure to love, power tools! Let your husband connect with his Tim The Tool Man Taylor alter ego by giving him tools to get those tough jobs done! He’ll love the gift and will enjoy putting his new toys, I mean tools, to use! Plus, you might get that honey-do list of yours completed. Isn’t he always complaining about not having the right tools for the job??

The perfect place to get great power tools for your husband for a price that won’t break the bank is Direct Tools Factory Outlet. Direct Tools Factory Outlet is located in The Shops at Rockvale (ShopRockvale.com) with is one of the premier Outlet Centers in Lancaster Pennsylvania!

Direct Tools Factory Outlet always has great specials, but they are offering an amazing deal right now for Valentine’s Day! Until February 14th, you’ll save an additional 20% on every purchase! With these prices, you could even snag an extra power tool for your hubby! Again, did I mention that your honey-do list might actually get completed this year?

Women Love & Use Power Tools Too!

Buying your husband a power tool will be a great gift for him, but it’ll have some great benefits for you! Not only will your husband be happy and thankful for the thoughtful gift you bought him, but he’ll be eager to put his new tool to good use. If you have an ever-growing honey-do list, a new power tool could really help make a big dent in your list!

If you’re trying to decide which power tool to buy for your husband, here are some ideas! A new power drill is always a good choice for a gift! There are so many uses for a power drill and your husband is sure to put this gift to good use! Especially since football is now done.

Does your husband enjoy working with wood? Then a power sander or buffer might be a good gift to consider. He might even decide to put these new tools to work to make a beautiful gift for you! A nail gun is another great choice for your handy husband. He’ll be able to use a nail gun for fixing things around the house or for working outside.

Does your husband like to work out in the yard? Or maybe he hates it and is constantly complaining about how long it takes to mow the grass or rake up the leaves. Buy him a power tool to help him get that yard work done in a fraction of the time and you’re sure to put a big smile on his face!

A leaf blower will drastically decrease the amount of time it takes him to clean up all those leaves in the fall. He’s sure to appreciate that! Does your yard have a lot of trees or bushes that are overgrown? Pick up a new hedge trimmer or chainsaw so your husband can tidy up that yard and make it look great again!

A power washer is a gift that is likely to make both you and your husband smile a little bigger! He’ll have fun getting all the dirt and grime off your patio and the siding, and you’ll love your sparkly new house! If you really want to splurge this Valentine’s Day, bring home a new ride-on-mower for your husband. He’ll definitely appreciate not needing to spend as much time pushing the mower back and forth across the whole yard!

Head on over to Direct Tools Factory Outlet before Valentine’s Day and pick up the perfect gift. Remember, we are located in The Shops at Rockvale. If you’ve been looking to find the best Outlet Centers in Lancaster Pennsylvania, then we have you covered!


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