6 Tips for Choosing a Stylish Winter Coat

It seems like every season has its shopping battles. Summer brings swimsuit season. In the spring, it’s time to switch from pants to shorts and skirts. By the time winter rolls around, you have to find the right coat. Once you find the right coat, you won’t have to shop again for a long time. Here are some steps to find the perfect stylish winter coat in Lancaster, PA.

Know Your Body Type

Knowing your body helps you know what coat looks best on you. Petite, shorter women often avoid wear puffer coats, long coats, or other styles that look overwhelming. You’ll look like the Michelin Man rather than a human being. But hear us out, if you love the pufffer jackets and love how warm they are, then who cares what anyone else thinks! Function over fashion? Knowing exactly what you’re looking for in terms of your body type will make the process of coat shopping easier. For example, opt for a knee-length coat if you’re tall, or a slim fitting tapered jacket.

Look for a Coat with Quality

Invest in a quality winter coat. Read the labels carefully when you go shopping. So many coats are made from cheap fabrics and materials. Even some of the designer coats aren’t good quality. Sometimes coats that are advertised as “wool” or “cashmere” only have a small percent of that material, and then have nylon and spandex.

It’s also important that you know your materials. A polyester coat isn’t going to keep you warm in Lancaster, PA. If you sweat in the coat, it may have a funny smell. Make sure you purchase a high-quality coat, especially if you’re planning to spend a lot of money.

Make Sure it’s Roomy Enough to Layer

You may want to be able to layer underneath your coat. There seems to be a trend with coats that have plenty of room in the waist and skinny arms. Having not enough room to layer can create an uncomfortable experience. Your layers will twist and turn in different directions and leave you feeling like you’re stuffing yourself into your coat.

Make Sure it Has Pockets

This step may sound silly, but it’s super important. A winter coat without pockets is like a movie theater with no movie. Even if you found your dream coat, having no pockets will make you wish you had a place to store your smartphone. Most ski coats and parkas come equipped with hidden pockets. Consider either style as an option if you like to stuff your pockets.

Prioritize Warmth Over Style

You may be able to get through December with a light coat. You may convince yourself in January that you’ll get through the month. By the time February rolls around, no lighter stylish coat is going to be worth freezing your butt over. You want to find something stylish and warm. Never sacrifice warmth just to look trendy in a style that will go out of fashion in six months. There are plenty of fashionable, and functional winter coats. One of the things to keep in mind is, are you going to have one winter coat or multiples? Some people have an active coat for skiing, snowboarding or other winter activities. Then, they have a dressier jacket that they wear to work, that might be a bit more fashionable.

Be Patient in Your Search

This is an important step in shopping for the right coat. Patience is important in choosing the right coat, but investing in a quality coat as well. If you’re shopping for a coat, you’ll need to see all of the jackets offered in retail stores. It’s best to shop for a coat in-store rather than online, so you know if it’s good quality and if it’s a good fit. This may take longer but you’ll end up with the right coat in the end.

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