Top Business Fashion Trends For Women 2019

This season, the modern business look is in style and various trends are hitting peak popularity. This makes it a little bit harder to keep up with the fashion do’s and don’ts of 2019. But we’re here to help.

We’re going to talk about the top business fashion trends for women this season, and give you general tips on how to rock that professional look. Take these basic tips into account when you’re going for a more formal style. Click here to shop our amazing premium outlet center for business formal and casual looks. 

Two Goals When Choosing a Modern Business Look

Because the business style is on trend this season, you really can’t go wrong. But there are two basic guidelines to keep in mind when choosing what to wear. Your two outfit goals should be practicality and comfort.

The practical value of combinations is of primary importance. Your style should be able to accentuate your professionalism and competent skills. Some even go for a deliberately strict image- the “Lady Boss” look.

But whatever you wear, make sure you are also comfortable in it. You should be able to move and breathe comfortably or else the best combination won’t do you any favors.

Keep it Simple

Simplicity is the name of the game. When we talk about the business style, we immediately think: suits. But there are ways of keeping it simple while still looking professional. Go for classic jeans and then add a cardigan to your outfit for that so-called “Friday Style” if you want to be a bit casual. Shop our fantastic stores for achieving that business look that impresses your colleagues, clients and boss. 

When it comes to your outfit, it’s not recommended to have more than three tones in your business look. The classic button up shirt is always a good, albeit safe, choice. This season, try rocking a standing collar shirt to spice things up and look more chic. 

But if you’re really keeping it simple, go for short sleeves, V-necks, and other simplistic styles that never go out of style. If you’re gonna wear a suit, make sure it doesn’t have bright details and decorations. You can always bring the outfit to life with some accessories. Your shirt or jewelry can bring on the color and accents. But if you must wear a bright and maybe floral suit jacket, make sure to tone the look down with a simple mono-color shirt. 

As for the pants, you can’t go wrong with classic straight shapes.

Colors, Prints and Patterns for the Colder Season

As simple as business fashion may be, there are some ways that you can bend the rules a little bit and make your outfit pop out a bit more. There are tons of innovative variants for suit and pants pairs out there, with more and more designers pushing the boundaries of fashion.

Black, white, and navy blue are irreplaceable classics when it comes to colors, but modern trends are shifting towards grayer tones. Try white, gray, deep gray, and brown if you’re looking to go a bit formal. But if you want to add a bit of color, you can always go for pastel tones, olive shades, and pleasant grass shades.

The boldest colors you can go for are red tones, but be careful not to pick too bright tones for business wear.

Clean, Neat, and Stylish Dresses

Don’t be afraid to wear a dress. The clean, neat, ironed, and stylish garments are essential to pulling this off. You can even go for a dress with moderate knee length to accentuate your figure.

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