The Top 5 Women’s Fashion Accounts You Need to Follow on Instagram

Published : August 16, 2019


One of Instagram’s many benefits is its variety of women’s fashion accounts. Posts need to be visually stunning to stop a viewer from scrolling right past it. This makes Instagram the perfect medium for fashionistas to express themselves and find inspiration. Here are 5 women’s fashion accounts to please the influencer inside of you.

1. @aimeesong


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The personality behind the Song of Style blog, books, and recently-launched clothing brand, Aimee Song first came on the scene over 10 years ago as a fashion blogger. Today, she’s a well-respected fashion icon, snagging invites to runway shows for top brands like Dior and Chanel. With two NYT bestselling books and 5.3 million followers under her belt, it’s no wonder why Aimee was included in this year’s Forbes “30 Under 30” list. Followers of her Instagram page will be treated to ‘90s-inspired looks, playful silhouettes, and endless snapshots of the world’s most beautiful locations.

2. @iris.apfel


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You can recognize her by her signature round glasses and chunky, layered jewelry. At 97 years old, this New York interior designer’s style philosophy is, “Don’t be boring.” Iris Apfel’s Instagram is a colorful mosaic of her most memorable looks, most of which include voluminous tops, elaborate necklaces, and stacked bracelets on both wrists. Her philosophy paid off when she was signed to IMG models earlier this year, proving that women can be stylish at any age.

3. @thredUP


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Sustainability is a trending hashtag these days, and even the fashion industry isn’t safe from environmental scrutiny. In fact, fashion is the second-largest industrial cause of pollution after the oil industry! Buying secondhand is one way to mitigate the damage from consuming fashion, and no company makes it easier to do that than Thredup. The company’s website serves as a platform for buying and selling gently-used clothing items, but their Instagram is where the real treasure is found. If buying used clothes isn’t your thing, you might change your mind once you see some of the stylish pieces highlighted on their page. If you look carefully, you’ll see brands like YSL, Coach, and Hermés…for insanely affordable prices.

4. @hwahwalala


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For avant-garde fashionistas, try following Hwahwa Lala, an enigmatic sartorialist who favors architectural lines, the color black, and Rick Owens designs. Lala’s style is edgy and neither masculine nor feminine. Most of her ensembles are black, which makes them the perfect goth canvas for showcasing some of her favorite unexpected accessories, like a spiked face mask or funky pair of sunglasses.

5. @baddiewinkle


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According to her Instagram bio, Baddiewinkle, born Ruth van Winkle, has been stealing your man since 1928. A single twitter photo of Baddie wearing her great-granddaughter’s clothes was all it took to make her go viral. Today, her Instagram account boasts over 3 million followers, which include fellow style icons Rihanna and Paris Hilton among others. Baddie’s personal style includes lots of makeup, bright colors, and form-fitting clothes. At 88 years old, her confidence is unmatched.

This is just a small list of what Instagram has to offer as far as women’s fashion goes. Are you inspired yet? If browsing these accounts has you itching to update your wardrobe, come visit The Shops @Rockvale for the best deals on clothing, furniture, and more.

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