The Top 5 Steelers Players of All Time

Published : September 9, 2019


The Pittsburgh Steelers are one of the most respected and successful franchises in history. Some of the greatest athletes to ever play the game have worn the black and gold. Narrowing the players to the top five of all time is near impossible. Here are the players we agreed upon that earn one of these coveted spots.

Terry Bradshaw

Terry Bradshaw was the pillar of the Steeler’s success during their decade of dominance in the 1970s. Bradshaw led the Steelers to four Lombardi trophies in six seasons as the team’s conductor. He elevated his game to another level in postseason play, earning two MVP honors in the Superbowl. Bradshaw will forever be known for the “Immaculate Conception” that still stands as one of the greatest postseason plays of all time.

Jack Lambert

With that toothless smirk, Jack Lambert was the face of the Steel Curtain during the 1970s. Lambert epitomized the linebacker position, and he played his heart out on every snap of the football. Perhaps Lambert’s intimidating style of play made him so dominant. It was common for Jack to stand over his opponents, taunt them, and dare them to cross paths with him again. He was also an above-average pass defender, collecting 28 interceptions throughout his career. Lambert’s tenacity and intensity are likely never to be replicated again.

Rod Woodson

Rod Woodson is considered the greatest defensive back in Steelers history. Woodson could play any defensive coverage on the field, and he was a matchup nightmare for opposing offenses. He was also a skilled punt returner, and he could go the distance on any run. Woodson would make the Pro Bowl a total of seven times, and he would also win one Super Bowl championship with the Baltimore Ravens.

Hines Ward

Who would have ever guessed that a 92nd pick in the draft is one of the most iconic Steelers in history? Hines Ward was like watching a volcano erupt on every play. His uncanny blocking ability and toughness are unparalleled for the wide receiver position. Ward would retire with precisely 1,000 career receptions, two Super Bowl championships, and four Pro Bowl selections.

Jerome Bettis

Jerome Bettis, or better known as “The Bus,” was easily one of the most entertaining Steelers players to watch. Bettis would pummel defensive backs and linebackers en route to a 40-yard touchdown run. He had unbelievable quickness and agility for a running back of his size. Bettis represented the grit of the Steel city in the way he played the game. Bettis would play injured and lay it all out on the line to help his team win. Bettis would retire on top of the game, and he would capture his elusive Super Bowl victory at the end of the 2005 season.

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