What Gifts to Give an Expecting First-Time Mother

Published : June 10, 2019


First-time mothers are normally at an anxious stricken stage in their lives. Finding one with no anxiety is impossible. Chances are that they are close to none. Before gifting a first-time mother, you should know that new mothers do their thorough research and read a million blogs and are convinced that they need everything to get it right at parenting. Sometimes, new mothers prepare a list for their friends to help them buy the kind of gift that they need as a mother. If you are not so lucky, you need to do your research on what a first-time mother needs.

What Gifts to Give an Expecting First-Time Mother

Therefore, below is a compiled list of what to gift a first-time mother.

Baby Diapers

Newborn babies excrete frequently in one day. Therefore, gifting a first-time mother diaper is always a welcomed idea. Remember that it would be more helpful to gift the first-time mother a considerable amount of diapers. A four-piece diaper packet will not cut it. It is also advisable to go a size up while purchasing diapers. There is no baby who remains in one diaper size in three months. Absolutely none, unless the child is suffering from a condition that affects a child’s growth.

A Swaddle Blanket

Swaddle blankets from Carter’s are very snugly for newborn babies due to the soft cotton that they are made up with. They are very instrumental for new mothers especially when they are soothing their babies to sleep. While picking out a swaddle blanket, be sure to choose one that is wide and stretchy, one that wraps around a new-born more than thrice. You should look out for the thick ones like those from Disney Outlet so that the baby is cushioned. While purchasing the less stuffed swaddle blankets, it would be ideal to buy at least two.


Mobile Changing Pad

Changing pads are very essential to every new mother. They are very functional too. Mothers are able to carry it with ease and without having to worry about it occupying too much space in their bags. Changing pads are necessary because in as much as many malls or stores have a wash-room, they are not guaranteed to have a space for changing a baby’s diaper and one cannot be too sure about the sanitary status of such washrooms.

Baby Onesies

Onesies refer to one-piece clothing covering a baby’s feet and arms. There are different ranges of onesies from thicker ones to those with matching mittens and baby caps and socks. The ideal material for onesies is soft cotton for a new born’s sensitive soft skin that is still growing. The type of onesies that are sold as a set of mittens caps and socks are recommended mainly for how adorable the set looks on every new-born. Moreover, buying a full set onesie also shows the new mother that you put a heartfelt effort into buying a gift for her.

Nipple Cream

Nipple creams are special creams medically recommended to all lactating mothers. While breastfeeding, the mammary gland nipple is normally characterized by cracks. For a new mother, such as experience can be very traumatizing to the extent that one would rather feed the baby from the bottle than from the breast. Therefore the nipple cream is very essential. While picking out a nipple cream for a new mother, it is advisable to avoid those containing lanolin since they may not be effective for a new mother.

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