What To Wear To A Summer Wedding (For Women)

Published : June 7, 2019


Guidelines for Summer Wedding Attire

Summer is the favorite season for weddings because it is easy for guests to travel to the events, but the guests might wonder what they should wear. The weather can become hot and humid in Lancaster, Pa., and when a wedding is outside in a park, the guests will want to remain comfortable. In addition, there are guidelines concerning what women should wear to a wedding to avoid upstaging the bride. Here are some of the guidelines for choosing the garments for a summer wedding.

summer wedding dress

Guideline 1: Check the Wedding Invitation Carefully

Make sure to read the invitation carefully to understand what the venue is for the wedding. If a wedding is occurring at an outdoor location such as a home, then you will want to choose lightweight garments that won’t attract insects.

The invitation will also state if this is an evening or daytime wedding, and the types of dresses chosen can vary for a daytime or evening event. Some invitations may have information about the wedding being informal or casual, and for these events, it is often okay for a woman to wear slacks and a nice blouse from VF Outlet.

Guideline 2: Choose Modest Clothing

Many weddings occur in religious buildings, so you should choose modest clothing that covers the chest, back, and arms. In addition, these garments shouldn’t be sheer enough to see through despite the hot weather conditions on the wedding day. None of the women should wear a dress or skirt that is extremely short or tight because some religious denominations consider this type of attire inappropriate.

Guideline 3: Avoid White Dresses, Skirts, and Blouses

It is traditional for a bride to wear a white or off-white dress, so the female guests should also avoid wearing these colors. One of the best ways to know what you can wear to the wedding is by contacting the bride or the wedding planner. In addition to staying away from any garments that might resemble a wedding dress, you may want to avoid wearing garments that are the same color as the bridesmaids’ dresses.

Guideline 4: Is It Okay to Wear a Black Dress?

In the past, wearing a black dress was considered inappropriate for guests because this color is worn at funerals. But today, some brides and grooms have formal weddings that make it okay for the guests to wear black. If you do wear a black dress from Dressbarn, then experts recommend adding a spot of color with jewelry or a scarf.

Guideline 5: What Type of Footwear Can Wedding Guests Wear?

It isn’t a good idea to wear flip-flops on your feet to a wedding, so you should look for a dressier pair of shoes. Sandals or high-heeled shoes are acceptable along with shoes that have low heels or flat soles. Athletic shoes are likely not acceptable as wedding footwear unless the event is very casual. None of the women should wear white shoes or sandals because only the bride should wear this color.

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