How To Throw An Awesome Thanksgiving Day Celebration Meal

Nervous About How To Throw An Amazing Thanksgiving Day Meal? We Got This Covered.

As the holiday season quickly approaches, you begin to craft your plans so that you can serve a Thanksgiving meal that will be remembered until the following year. There’s more that goes into planning your meal for the holiday than just deciding what kind of food to serve. It also includes figuring out who will be at your dinner and the decorations that you’re going to use. You also need to think about the fun things that you’re going to do with your family before and after dinner.

Get Your Food

┬áMake a list of the foods that you’re going to serve so that you can get all of your ingredients, especially your turkey, a few weeks before Thanksgiving. Most stores will have turkeys on sale beginning the first of November. If you wait to get your turkey or the other items that will be used for the main course, then there will likely be a limited selection. This means that you might have to settle for something that is too large for your family or something that isn’t big enough. Many foods can be stored in your freezer until you’re ready to use them. Talk to your family to find out what they would like for Thanksgiving so that you have a variety of foods that everyone will enjoy.


Design decorations that are fun and that offer all of the information about the time and location. You also need to include whether your guests should bring a dish or just come as they are. When you begin making your list of people to invite, keep it to those who will get along with each other. If there are family members who don’t talk to each other, then avoid making it an awkward situation by inviting those who do talk to each other and then holding another event for other family members.


You can’t just serve turkey and side dishes that you think everyone can eat because there could be some people who have food allergies or who are sensitive to some kinds of food. Find out if anyone has a special diet before you begin shopping so that you don’t serve something that will cause a reaction. Search online for recipe ideas if there are multiple people who have food sensitivities or who need a special diet.

To Go Alone Or Not?

If you enjoy cooking, then you should probably start preparing your main course and the side dishes you’re going to serve a few days before Thanksgiving so that everything is ready for the big day. Consider asking a few family members to help you the day before or even the morning of the holiday. If you don’t have time to prepare everything that you want to serve, then make your Thanksgiving dinner a potluck. Ask everyone to bring at least one dish that they enjoy. Use paper plates and plastic utensils to make cleaning easier. Assigning tasks will also mean more time for your family and friends to enjoy the holiday and the activities that you plan.

Stick To A Schedule

The schedule that you make should include everything from how long you need to prepare the foods that you’re going to serve to when the games and other activities will be held during the day. When you have a list of the times that are needed for each dish, you can better plan your day so that you know when one thing needs to go in the oven and when something can be put on the dinner table.

Use sticky notes with times on them that are placed on appliances and counters as reminders. Find the football games that you want to watch and what time they come on so that you can plan ahead for the day. If you plan on playing football outside or going shopping with your family or friends, then make a schedule of the timeline to keep everyone from eating too late in the day.

Don’t overlook your Thanksgiving holiday. This is a time of the year when you should show how much you appreciate your family and friends. If you plan ahead, then your holiday can be bigger and better than ever with the people you love and the food you enjoy.

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