Thanksgiving Holiday Traditions That You Need To Implement ASAP

These Thanksgiving Traditions That Are Worth Starting

Most people have Thanksgiving traditions they learned from their parents. Sometimes it becomes important to start new traditions due to a marriage, children or moving to a new area. So if you are looking to start some fun traditions for you and your family, keep reading.

Thanksgiving Breakfast

Thanksgiving does not have to be all about the traditional meal of the day-dinner. You can start your day with a relaxing and indulgent breakfast with the family. You can enjoy an omelet, waffles, pancakes, croissants, a breakfast pie or even donuts.
This is an excellent way for the family to talk and connect before the real festivities begin- like binge-watching football. You can always find an exciting new recipe to try. You can enjoy a big breakfast then go for a nice walk or a hike to burn off all of those calories.

Remembering the Loved Ones from the Past

The holidays can be difficult when friends and family have passed away. You can honor their memories with a special time of reflection. You can begin by saying a prayer or just thinking about them, then spend some time talking about your memories of the past. The stories can be sweet, sad, funny and enlightening. Not only will this be a lovely tribute, but in a small way, the people you loved most can still join you for Thanksgiving.

The Butcher Paper Tablecloth

Instead of using your traditional tablecloth, use butcher paper instead. This is a unique way to remember the things you are most grateful for. Give everyone pens so they can write down what they are thankful for on the butcher paper. At the end of the evening, you can either photograph or tear off the pieces that meant the most. This is an extraordinary way to save your fondest memories of the day. You will learn more about your friends and family while adding a nice new tradition.

Family Members Living Far Away

Just because some of your family and friends do not live close enough to join you for Thanksgiving, does not mean you cannot spend time with them. Make a new tradition of including a video call to the people missing before dinner. You can even coordinate the times you have dinner, share what you are thankful for and say grace together. This will promote a feeling of togetherness and everyone can be included.

Taking Time for the Family

Thanksgiving is a wonderful celebration, but it can also be overwhelming and exhausting. Set aside a couple hours during the day to spend with your family before your guests arrive. You can prepare the feast together, play games, tell a story or just be lazy together and watch a game. What you do is not important. What is important is that you do it as a family.

The Special Day for Two

If you are celebrating Thanksgiving as a couple, really treat yourselves. Instead of making the traditional meal, go out to a favorite restaurant or cook something completely different. It is not written in stone that you must have turkey or ham for Thanksgiving. Make a traditional, Italian, Chinese or Mexican dinner. Buy the better wine, put fresh flowers and candles on the table and make your own tradition. Instead of spending the day cooking everything you believe you are supposed to eat, simply spend the day together and enjoy each other. Because sooner or later guests start showing up as you get older. So enjoy the quiet now!

The Shared Toast

Let everyone make their own toast including the children. Buy them a special bottle of sparkling grape juice to make certain they feel like an important part of the occasion. You can make touching toasts, silly toasts or simply toast to what you are grateful for. This is a nice way to pull family and friends together while starting your own special tradition.

Changing the Time

The majority of people enjoy Thanksgiving dinner during the afternoon. The problem is this means whoever is making the meal always seems to be pressed for time. You can set the meal for your traditional dinner time. Then you can spend the afternoon watching football together, serve finger foods like pizza rolls, nachos, shrimp puffs, and potato chips. You can enjoy spending the afternoon with your family because you will have a lot of extra time to pull the meal together. Nobody will be complaining they are starving because they will have eaten during the game. Your dinner will be more relaxed, more comfortable and a lot more fun.

The Children and Dessert

Chances are, nobody looks forward to dessert more than the children, except for Uncle Steve. Uncle Steve LOVES him some dessert, keep him away from the counter top at all costs. Actually hide the dessert from this cookie monster. Ok, this might be just our family.
Let the kids serve dessert to the adults after the meal. The kids will be excited, get to cut the pie, pile on the whipped cream and scoop the ice cream. You can let the kids take orders and serve exactly what was requested. This will also give the kids something to do while the adults are talking. The oldest child can pour the coffee- LOOK OUT. The best part is these children will be adults in the future. They can tell their children all about the time when they were the once serving dessert.

The Long Walk

Most people do not serve dessert right after dinner. This is a wonderful opportunity to take a long walk, enjoy the crisp autumn air and let your food settle. After your walk, you can settle into a nice, warm home with glasses of hot apple cider. You can spend a little time talking, reminiscing about the meal and then end the day with a delicious dessert.

Casual Dining

Most people get dressed up for dinner only to discover their clothes suddenly feel too tight after the meal- guilty. Instead of dressing to impress, start a new tradition of dressing for comfort. You can wear your favorite old pair of jeans, sweatpants, your most comfortable shirt, and even your house slippers. The meal will taste even better when you are comfortable and relaxed. Your guests will also enjoy the new tradition. If this is too much of an idea out of left field, simply wear pants that stretch, then you can be comfortable and look stylish. Or you can opt for some pajama jeans. Yep, pajama jeans look like jeans but are actually pajamas.

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