Will Retail Businesses Succeed With Virtual Reality?

Published : May 22, 2019


Retail businesses have been in existence for many decades now, and we have managed to thrive all along. Unfortunately, with the advent of technology, this has changed. Virtual reality and augmentation have become the future in shopping. These digital technologies bring alongside plenty of advantages and benefits that we cannot provide as a retail business.

For the longest time, shoppers were getting tired of poorly lit rooms and poor customer care service when they walk into a retail store. Luckily, digital technology offers customers with all this information at the click of a button. The beauty of digital technology is that it can be accessed from anywhere by any person with an internet connection.

As a retail store, our customers are forced to visit our stores to check for products and goods before purchasing them. If a product is out of stock or not sold by us, they have to check back later or with another store. Virtual reality has eliminated all these inconveniences because a customer can check for a product from the comfort of their home.

Customers have access to the whole retail store on their digital or mobile device, which makes it easier to shop and convenient for people with busy lifestyles. Virtual reality and augmentation are going to transform our world of retail shopping entirely and replace the pains of Brick and mortar stores with exhilarating experiences.

Virtual Reality and Retail shopping

Stores like Alfred Dunner rely on first-hand interaction with customers when they walk into the stores. Virtual reality is, however, taking this away from us because human interaction has reduced significantly with digital technology. We can still succeed in the digital world if we incorporate the essential aspects of it to work in our favor. We have learned to leverage these technologies to get rid of things that shoppers do not like about retail shopping.

For instance, we have eliminated the pain of having to visit several stores to find the product that fits customer’s needs. Through virtual reality, customers can get the feel of the product before making the purchasing decision to buy the real item. This saves a lot of time and energy for the customers, and when they walk into our stores, they can buy exactly what they need.

Virtual reality has also allowed us to become more detailed when it comes to product information. We list all the product features and design as well as its benefits on our site for customers to read. This way, the customer is well informed about the product and can apply it to their real life. Virtual reality has also saved us a lot of money especially when it comes to the creation of new products.

We no longer waste time producing products that people do not like; instead, we use virtual reality to create a ‘real’ version of the product for customers to try out. The feedback we receive from our customers will help determine whether we push forward with the product or find another. We can also make customized changes based on the feedback from our employees. This ensures we develop the right product for our customers, just like what Burger King has been doing for a long time.


Virtual reality has indeed changed how we work as a retail store and provided us better opportunities to improve our shopping experience. If you are around Lancaster PA, make sure you check out Switch VR!

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