Why Outlet Centers Are The Future of Shopping

Published : July 11, 2019


Traditional retail malls may have been all the rage in the ’80s and ’90s but today’s consumers are looking for a different experience. It is no coincidence that as traditional malls are slowly fading into the sunset, outlet centers are on the rise. Here are five reasons why outlet centers are the future of shopping.

1. Better atmosphere

Giant malls may offer the convenience of being able to shop for the entire family in one location, but they also come with some drawbacks as well. While indoor locations may offer respite from the coldest winter weather or hottest summer climes, they also create a somewhat austere environment in warmer weather.

Outlet centers give shoppers the opportunity to simultaneously shop while taking advantage of getting some time outdoors on beautiful spring, fall, summer and even winter days. When the weather is bad, they can still take advantage of brief walks between indoor retail locations, but when the weather is mild or warm, they can dine outdoors or just soak up some sunshine. In warmer climates, outdoor misters keep shoppers cool on even the hottest of days!

2. Events

Most outlet centers occupy large pieces of land with large courtyards or other outdoor areas. Many are also surrounded by large tracts of unused land. This gives them the opportunity to host any number of events that a traditional mall cannot. From harvest festivals to farmer’s markets to movie nights, outlet centers have the opportunity to offer a wide range of events for the entire family and the community in addition to a great retail experience. Many outlet centers even offer parks, play areas or other entertainment features you won’t find at traditional malls.

3. Great deals

Everyone loves a great deal, which outlet centers can offer. Outlet centers were once the often somewhat shabby domain of discontinued items, products with small defects and blemishes or overstocks. Today, outlet centers offer a wide selection of premium retail stores that are filled with a hybrid of new merchandise of the kind found in a store’s regular retail locations as well as many of the same deals and steals traditionally offered in outlet centers. In addition, outlet centers also feature a number of stores you won’t find anywhere else.

4. More options from big brands

Many consumers may have access to a limited range of brand name items at the department or big box stores. Outlet centers, however, allow large brands to open dedicated stores where shoppers can have access to all the different lines a certain brand carries. This includes premium items and luxury lines that can also offer shoppers some fairly deep discounts. Not only can shoppers get discounts on regular items carried in a variety of stores, but they can also pick up a number of unique items only available in outlet stores.

5. Lower overhead means better savings for consumers

Many traditional retail malls are located in prime locations in the city center or busy suburbs. While these locations are convenient for many shoppers, they also come at a very high price. In addition, maintaining such a large indoor space also comes at a price, which generally gets passed on to consumers in the form of higher retail prices.

Outlet centers like the Pottery Barn Outlet, however, are often located on the outskirts of large cities and towns where land prices are less expensive and the upkeep on outdoor centers is less than that of large, enclosed locations. This all adds up to lower overhead costs, which are passed on to the consumer in the form of greater savings.

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