Cutest Summer Trends For Dresses And Skirts 2019

Published : July 8, 2019


If you’re shopping for the latest summer trends on dresses and skirts, then look no further than The Shops @Rockvale! We take great pride in keeping up with the latest styles and trends.

This summer, expect to see many florals, denim, high waists, polka dots, shirt dresses, and vintage pieces. Let’s take a look at what’s really hot for the summer of 2019!

Floral Patterns

Floral patterns are all the rage right now. Do you know of the big floral curtains that existed in the ’80s and early ’90s? Well, they have circled back around in style; however, this time, they are popular in fitted maxi dresses and skirts. Women are wearing them everywhere. The floral patterns are being worn to family gatherings, church, school, to the poolside and to the supermarket.

Many times, you’ll see the floral maxi dresses blended with thick stripes. It’s such a unique look that it has exploded in popularity. Stop by today to see us, and you’ll enjoy finding your perfect floral piece!

Denim Skirts and Ironed Patches

Denim skirts were a major thing in the ’80s. They’re back! Denim skirts with ripped seams from Alfred Dunner, distressed colors, and many buttons are popular this summer. Also, the colorful ironed patches are super stylish features to add to your denim. This adds personality to your look!

In addition to denim, many girls and women are wearing high waisted denim skirts. Simply find a colorful summer top or camisole and tuck it into the high waisted skirt. Then you’re good to go!

Polka Dots

Another popular trend that we are seeing this summer is the re-emergence of the polka dot. This was very popular back in the ’40s and ’50s. Apron and A-Line summer dresses are growing increasing stylish with the splash of polka dots. The most loved colors that we have seen are the summer yellow, spring green, taupe, and pink shades with white polka dots. Naturally, the style isn’t limited to just those colors. However, it would be a cute addition to your summer wardrobe! Visit us at The Shops @Rockvale so we can hook you up!

Shirt Dresses

Shirt dresses have become a real trend this year. They are available in several different styles. For a more comfortable feel, you can buy the traditional t-shirt feel dress. These hang off of your shoulders like a long t-shirt. However, they are designed to hug your curves! Add a pair of sandals or flip flops and you’re ready to go!

The more casual formal shirt dress usually comes with a shirt collar, buttons and has a waist tie. These are available in nearly any color and look AMAZING with a solid color high heel shoe. You can dress these up or wear them down. Let’s face it: you can be stylish AND comfortable!

Vintage Skirts

The latest trends have shown real passion for the old 1940’s glam. The high waisted skirts come with solid colors and high slits on the side. The slim and elongate your figure while also showing class. These also look really nice with a pair of high heels. Are you planning a night out on the town? Stop by The Shops @Rockvale, and check out what we have.

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