5 Fashion Trends For Moms This Summer

Published : July 4, 2019


At our leading Lancaster, PA outlet center, we know moms look forward to summer. Now is the time to relax and let down your hair. Moms everywhere want to spend this season enjoying the warm weather with their kids. Proper styles are a must. Looking fashionable and comfortable is easier than ever no matter what you’re doing or where you’re going. From charming mules to jackets with great details and dresses that skim the body, it’s all there for the fashionable mom this season.

Biker Inspired Sportswear

Biking is not only a way to get from place to place. Biking is also a great exercise. This is an activity moms can do with their kids. As so many moms have discovered, biking clothing is streamlined and comfortable. Biking clothing is not only just right for a trip to the park. It’s also an ideal thing to wear when shopping for a summer picnic or bringing the kids to camp. The breathable fabric helps cool the skin and avoid overheating. Look for tops that hug the body and shorts that allow for free movement.

Decorative Mules

Footwear is a crucial thing to have on hand for summer. Moms want shoes they can wear across any surface that looks pretty. The mule slips on with ease even when carrying a baby and three bags of groceries for a barbecue by the beach. Decorative stitching brings in detail that celebrates summer. A set of embroidered mules are ideal for a boating party or an upscale summer wedding by the sea. Mules in pleasingly soft summer shades like mauve, turquoise, and goldenrod are another way to add versatility and something useful to a mom’s summer closet this season.

Jean Jackets

Jeans have long been a popular item that can go from a casual walk to a day at the office. While summer days are hot, temperatures often cool down considerably at night. Moms need to keep away the chill. The jean jacket is a great way to bridge the gap between a day at the beach and a night on the dance floor in an air-conditioned hotel lobby. A jean jacket is also easy to keep clean. Moms appreciate having something on hand they can pack for a vacation that can take them from day into evening plans.

Midi Dresses

Midi dresses flow just past the knees. Moms love how it is possible to dress them up for a meal at a favorite French bistro. They also appreciate how well they look on the hot sands by the shore. The trend in midi dresses for the summer are bold patterns in primary colors. A bright blue dress dotted with polka dots from Christopher and Banks Outlet is breezy and unexpected. Florals that take inspiration from summer flowers in full bloom are a good choice for touring a garden or holding a garden party of your own. Designers are showing wraparound midi dresses that can be fitted to any mom’s figure.

Retro Bathing Suits

When the weather gets hot, moms want to take their kids and cool off. Many moms also want to protect their delicate skin from the sun. A bathing suit that reveals less allows women to stay covered and totally protected even during the hottest part of the day. Necklines that tie in back, peplums that add interest at the hips and longer skirts are in style this summer. Many women like having several types of bathing on hand for a quick dip. The retro styling from Maurices makes it easy for her to fit in well anywhere she goes today.

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