Summer Inside/Outside Party

Published : June 24, 2019


It’s already that time of the year when the temperatures soar, barbeques are being fired up, and the citronella candles come out of storage. Summer is a fantastic time for entertaining when you have an outdoor space that is perfect for those warm nights when being outside is pure magic. Even better, having an outdoor and indoor space for entertaining, can up your summer parties from so-so to legendary and memorable for your guests. Below are some great suggestions for how to host your next summer indoor/outdoor party.

Ambiance is Everything

Outdoor lights that can be strung on fences, across the yard overhead, or added to trees or bushes add that extra element to outdoor spaces. When your party goes into the night, you will need decent lighting anyway, so why not make it look magical?

Tiki torches can add a bit of light while doing double duty as an insect repellent. Solar lights that can be put along pathways or in flower beds also add extra ambient lighting that makes your space look warm and friendly. For an added element, consider stringing lights from inside to outside as a clue to your guests that the party is going on in both spaces. You can also add some amazing pieces from Generations of Furniture for a complete look.

No Pests Allowed

Similar to tiki torches, there are other methods for keeping the summertime bugs at bay. No one wants to have to continually swat away insects at a party, especially when all they seem to want is you or your food. Citronella candles are a great option to repel mosquitos, and they come in an array of designs. You can even DIY your own citronella candles with mason jars or colored tin cans for a fun, customized look like none other. Actually, any candle will ward off mosquitos, so if the conditions are right, light up those candles for the ambiance and to repel pesky pests.

Get Creative With Seating

Mix up the outdoor seating options with oversized outdoor pillows, fun benches, mismatched chairs, and even hammocks. If the party vibe you are going for is rustic or shabby chic, you are in luck, because your seating options are limitless. Bring an inside table to the patio and set it with mismatched chairs from all over the house for an entertaining and funky look. Oversized pillows make really comfy seating options, and benches that can serve as both seating and tabletops are totally genius.

Healthy Party Treats

Just because it is summer and party time, doesn’t mean that you or your guests need to wreck any diets. There are tons of delicious, easy, and fun, healthy options for party food. If you love wings but are watching your meat intake, try buffalo cauliflower bites. Hummus and veggies are always a fan favorite, so maybe attempt hummus stuffed bell peppers. You can get some great supplies from Corningware Corelle & More.

For a sweet treat, grill some peaches on the barbeque and add a dollop of Cool Whip or ice cream. Another fun dessert option is to cut different kinds of melon into fun shapes to dip into a sweet concoction of sugar-free pudding and Cool Whip. Graham crackers are also a delicious complement to a sweet dip.

These are just a few suggestions to make your next summer indoor/outdoor party a success. None of the ideas above are the only ingredients to a great party. Pick and choose what will work to make your party fun and memory-making for your family and friends.

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