Women’s Summer Trends for Jeans

Published : June 14, 2019


No matter the time of year, jeans never truly go out of style. However, a number of new trends are hitting the scene in summer 2019 for women’s jeans. None of these trends last forever, but they’ll be all the rage this summer. You can always put your own personal flair on a specific trend to make it “yours.”

Embroidered Jeans Are Back

Embroidered denim is a trend in women’s jeans that keeps coming back, and it’s here again for summer 2019. In fact, you might notice a lot of embroidered jeans that have a vintage-washed look. Fashion designers say that embroidered denim jeans give women a signature tomboy look, which is fashionable for the summer months.

Summer Jeans

When you shop for embroidered jeans, there’s no limit to how little or how much embroidery that you get. The key is to find embroidered jeans that fit your taste and avoid jeans that have none.

Avoid High-Waist and Opt for Low-Slung

Many people are still loving high-rise pants. However, the trend is starting to switch to low-slung jeans. For those who don’t know, low-slung pants sit low, usually just above the hip bone. They typically have a straight leg too. This makes the pants loose and breezy for the hot summer weather. Once again, this look also sticks with the tomboy look that appears to be hot this summer.

Keep in mind that this trend doesn’t include the low-rise jeans that were popular in the past. They’re low-slung, not low-rise. There’s a difference. Low-slung pants have a much more modern feel, and they’re more comfortable to walk and sit down in. The key is that they’re comfortable no matter what you’re doing this summer.

Expect to See More Jeans That Feature “Hem Play”

When updating your summer wardrobe, outfit it with jeans that have “hem play.” Yes, this is referring to classic low-slung or mid-rise pants that have a little flair at the bottom hem near the ankles. The idea is to take the skinny jeans of the past and add a twist to them with a little flirty hem. You can check some of them from Lane Bryant Outlet.

Sometimes, hem play includes big slits that start at the hem and go up to the midsection of the shin. Other times, hem play includes bows and cuts that allow you to tie up the hem much like you to tie up your shirt during the summer. It simply adds a little something to plain jeans that make them pop.

Keep an Eye Out for Pintucks

Summer 2019 is also going to see the rebirth of pintuck style. This style looks much like a seam that runs down the center of both pant legs. It usually runs from the waist to the hem. They give your legs an elongated, yet slim, look.

Now you have a better idea of which trends will be popular this summer. Use this knowledge to get a jump-start on updating your summer wardrobe. Remember that it’s never a bad idea to start clothes shopping early.

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