The Hottest Looks For Women’s Clothing Winter 2018-2019

Winter 2018’s Hottest Fashion Trends For Women

When the cold weather hits, many women look for easy ways to update their wardrobes. Designers have been responding with fun and innovative trends. Today’s women can take inspiration from the trends seen on runways all over the world. There’s plenty to explore. From wild animal prints to fabulous capes, amazing patterns and silvery accents, it’s easier than ever to be fashion forward this winter.

Animal Prints

Animal prints are a favorite of designers everywhere right now. They’re showing up on skirts, dresses, and even socks and underwear. Women can take a page out of a designer’s notebook and have the same fun with these classics in their own wardrobe. Animal prints are being shown in classic browns, whites and blacks. They’re also being seen in other shades from pink to red and purple. Mix and match different animal prints for more fun. Pair a leopard print jacket with a tiger print skirt. The look is one that says immediate confidence and lots of flair.

Leather Dresses & Skirts


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Silk and satin are all very nice but leather is very on point and very grown up. A leather dress is just right for so many winter occasions. Wear it at night for dinner and then the ballet. Bring it to the office to make a statement. Designers are using leather in new and interesting colors. Bright red and deep navy is popular along with black. All hem lengths are also commonly seen. Use a leather dress with a pair of thick tights and high heels. It’s a great way to make a totally bold contemporary winter fashion choice.

Multiple Layers


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Nothing makes it easier to keep out the cold than a series of layers. Designers want to keep women warm this season. To that end, they’re showing layer on top of layer. Layering is an ideal way to make the transition from indoors to outside and back again. Don’t be afraid to drape on several scarves on top of a coat. Pair a thin blouse underneath for the warm office. Layers can be adjusted as the season goes on and the weather changes. When there’s a blizzard outside, a group of thick fabrics makes any woman feel warm and cozy no matter where she is during the day.

The Cape

Capes are a classic and intensely versatile wardrobe staple that women have been using for decades. They are still as fashionable as ever today. Designers are showing capes in all types of materials and structures. Women can find them in pleasingly relaxed lines that call to mind the poncho. They’ll also see them with sharper lines that help shape the whole look and give it impact. Capes are easy to wear with anything else. They fit nicely over an early winter blouse and skirt. They’ll also help protect a favorite coat from the winter weather.

Silvery Details


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Shades of silver are in for winter. Give any wardrobe a silvery glow with details that really say hello. Silver jewelry is popular and looks great against many popular winter fabrics from silk to wool. Amp up the drama level at night with a glowing shirt or dress that catches the light and makes it easy for women to stand out in a crowd. Shoppers can also find many other pieces with a hint of color and lots of depth. A silver scarf or silver pair of earrings or pair of silver sunglasses bring color to the face.

Beautiful Tweeds

Warm and soft, tweed has a subtle pattern that designers love to play around with in the winter. Tweed can be used in many ways. Tweed scarves are thick and feel great against the skin as the wind hits the face. Designers are taking this traditional fabric and playing with it in new and innovative ways. Many designers are mixing bolder tweeds with smaller scale patterns. This is one way to add interest on a winter day. Tweed dresses are particularly popular. They’re ideal for the professional woman who wants something she can dress up as she heads out for a night on the town.

Shades of Rust

The winter months are the perfect time to bring out this understated and lovely shade. Rust colors such as deep orange, cranberry, mustard and brown are ideal for the winter weather. Shades of rust are showing up in many clothing seen in the store and on the runway. They make an excellent choice as a basic color or when layered in varied types of shades. A suit in beautiful brown is a modern choice but one with deeply fashionable roots. Use in with a purse in a similar shade for a look that is impressive and polished.

Pleated Skirts

Pleats add shape to any skirt. They swing as the woman walks, drawing attention to her shapely legs and toned calves. Knife cut pleats exude professional and casual appeal at the same time. This is a great way to add youthful flair to any outfit. Pleats are seen in many types of skirts from those that barely skim the knees to longer skirts that graze the ankles. They’re right for a formal occasion such as a party to mark friend’s retirement. They’re also wonderful for an office party or a walk outside on a cold Sunday afternoon with the kids.

Bright Patterns

Patterns add joy to winter’s dark days. Lots of different types of patterns are highly popular for winter. Small-scale prints are one way to add different colors and details to any workday. Larger scale prints are a fun way to bring out the person’s personality and show off how much they love fashion at the same time. Designers are playing around with several patterns in a single look. Colors like hot pink and aqua are one way to break out of the autumn blahs. Have confidence and show off with lots of different sized prints and patterns.

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