Women’s Winter Jacket Styles That Are On Trend

A winter coat is something that you expect to serve a practical purpose, but it’s also a defining article of clothing as far as your style is concerned. You may be tempted to throw on a clunky, formless jacket to brave the harsh cold, but it’s just as easy to invest in a coat that’s stylish, eye-catching and creates a good silhouette for your figure.


Because, Fashion Matters

With the right guidance, you can find a coat that protects you from intense weather conditions while still serving the higher good, of making you look fabulous! From high-end retail stores in cities like Atlanta or New York to outlet centers in Lancaster Pennsylvania, We’ll examine the latest trends in winter coats to see what best fits your style and your budget.

It’s never a bad idea to invest in a jacket style that maintains relevance throughout the ages. Sometimes the greatest statement piece gives us a vintage feel or brings back images of old Hollywood starlets. One example is a peacoat.


The Peacoat


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Initially developed as a coat for American and European naval officers, this coat style was eagerly adopted into the fashion world and has since seen many variations. Peacoats are a great style choice because of the balance the broad lapels give to an otherwise boxy shape.

Most peacoats are double-breasted and allow you the option to tie at the waist or button tighter for a more cinched look. The shape of this jacket typically doesn’t need a lot of accessories, but you can make it look great by adding a scarf or a brooch. Variations of the peacoat include the trench, the Chesterfield, the duffel coat, or the Polo coat. Whether knee-length or waist length, the peacoat can give you a look of sophistication and pairs well with your business attire.


Fur Coats

Another trend that has survived over the years is fur. Fur typically makes its wearer look very high-profile and expensive. There have been concerns from some who believe wearing fur is unethical, so faux fur is a great alternative to choose without compromising your look. While a full fur coat is a great statement piece and gives you an air of glamour, a coat with a simple fur trim can be just as beautiful and possibly more practical for some events. Colorful furs featured in bright blues, pinks, and reds have seen a rising trend, but natural-toned furs enjoy just as much popularity in the current fashion market.


Current Trends in Winter Jackets

Vintage styles work well and look very elegant, but maybe you want to find something refreshing to revamp your wardrobe. New jacket trends seem to focus on practical outerwear with very calculated looks.

Recent styles tend to be very polarizing-they either feature a very minimalist, angular design, or they showcase very bold eye-catching designs. One example of the minimalist trends we’ve been seeing in current fashion is asymmetrical jackets.

These jackets may feature an asymmetrical lapel that puts most of the weight on the neckline, or they might have the buttons aligned in a diagonal pattern, rather than straight down the front. These jackets are very simple in design but give the wearer a very urban look.


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This works well for you if your style leans more towards the athletic side, but it’s great for artistic types when utilized on a leather or moto style jacket. On the other end of the spectrum, we’ve seen a resurgence of bubble jackets. Bubble jackets or “puffy jackets” were popularized in the early 2000s but have become a bold and fun choice in apparel. These jackets pair better with tight-fitting, slender pants as they help to balance the look so you don’t get lost in the clothing.

Whatever your go-to for style is, there is a winter coat for you! You can find a number of great pieces from the go-to outlet center in Lancaster Pennsylvania- The Shops @Rockvale– at an affordable price. Don’t get caught in the same jacket year after year-breathe new life into your closet!

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