The Top Women’s Fashion Trends for Summer 2019

Published : June 28, 2019


The top women’s fashion trends for summer 2019 are out! The runways from Paris and Milan to London and New York and the street fashion styles have contributed to the summer 2019 trend forecast for women’s fashion. Revamp your wardrobe by exploiting the women’s summer 2019 fashion trend forecast by none other than the celebrities – the seasonal trendsetters of what is the latest and the hottest. We hereby review standouts in the 2019 top women’s fashion trends this summer, from clothing, footwear, and bags to hats and sunglasses.

The Top Women's Fashion Trends for Summer 2019

Clothing Fashion Forecast

The clothing fashion forecast in 2019 this summer for women showcases shorts, notably the bike shorts and the high-waisted shorts. Animal prints – notably leopard pattern, feature and suits featuring are the regular style and the boiler design. The flattering and feminine look in style is none other than the lavender tone. The puff shoulders design features puff sleeve blouses and puffy dresses. The patchwork design features in color on dresses, jumpsuits, pants while the colored tartan design features suits, jackets, and pants in red, blue, green and yellow. The swimwear selection features animal prints, cutouts, metallics, high-waisted bottoms, sweet bows, the belted swimsuit and more. For more collection, you can visit Dressbarn.

The footwear trending this summer features comfy travel shoe assortments. The styles include Blair slip-on sneakers, snake espadrille wedge sandals, and Maui palm slides. Then you have the trendy and comfortable sandals in the styles like Santorini infinity slide, Anastasia comfort, flatform universal and the lume. Finally, you have the comfiest, coolest, most breathable and spongy summer sneakers in the styles like Madox, Adrianna, cutouts, rainbow wave, slingbacks, animal prints, blade runners and maxi sole.


Among bags, the stand out is none other than the shrunken bags, shrunk down to fit your smartphone and, maybe, your lipstick as well, saving you a sore shoulder from carrying it around all day. Then you have the beach bags, all cute and functional, coming in styles like woven baskets, canvas totes, raffia bags, bamboo. And then the weekend bags, always packed and ready to go for your summer getaways come in various styles including Capri blue, “vacation-ready” prints, luxe and leather, portable closet and “sunshine on your shoulder”.


Hats on display in women’s current fashion trends for 2019 this summer feature two main types for your sun protection and style. The bucket hats – an iconic ’90s accessory to look casual and cool while perfectly suiting your weekends. The varieties include the reversible cotton bucket hat and the wide brim cotton bucket hat. Then you have the beach hats to keep you trendy on the beach. Featured are the styles open knit braided cotton, Panama sun hat, UV protection visor hat, foldable straw hat and more. You can find more collection from Bass Factory Outlet.

The Top Women's Fashion Trends for Summer 2019

Finally, we review the 2019 fashion trends for women’s sunglasses featuring celebrities like Olivia Palermo and Kylie Jenner. This summer boasts a broad selection. The leading designs to up your game features the embellished, white frame, cat eye, mirrored, round, bright and bold, aviator, square and oversized among others.

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