Will Virtual Reality Make Us Less Personable?

Published : May 14, 2019


Virtual reality has indeed affected how we operate as a brick and mortar store. For the longest time, we were used to attending to customers face to face when they walk into our store to shop. However, this has changed with the advancement in technology that has provided customers with more convenient and efficient ways to shop.

Customers no longer have to walk into our stores to identify the items available because technology provides them with all this information. For instance, we always update our Instagram and social media pages with all the new products we add to our stock.

Virtual reality

Virtual reality is the new trend among many Brick and mortars stores like Janie and Jack Outlet. It has dramatically affected how we interact with our customers because it makes us less personable. We use virtual reality to develop new products and services and test them on customers before actually producing them. This ensures we get the appropriate feedback from customers and decide whether we will proceed with the product or service.

Virtual reality allows customers to experience stimulation that feels real but is computer generated. While virtual reality has helped us create products that cater to the specific needs of the customers, it has its adverse effects.


Virtual reality makes us less personable to our customers. There is no human interaction between our customers and us because it is computer generated. This makes us less authentic and genuine to the customers because we are not real to them. Most customers prefer Brick and Mortar stores because they can access their authenticity when they interact with the staff members at the location.

Luckily, we have managed to maintain this human interaction through our stores just like what Loft Outlet is doing. We strive to have face-to-face communication with our client to provide them with real human experience. Unlike the computer-generated virtual reality, we can tap into human emotions and use this to satisfy our customers.

We ask customers what they want or need when they walk into our stores and help them find their products. Such authenticity can only be achieved through human interaction. The youth are especially embracing social interaction and prefer coming to our stores rather than looking through Instagram posts.

We try our best to update our Instagram with new content each exciting time, but after a while most of the posts become repetitive. Many young people are quickly losing interest in these posts because they relay the same message and do not tap any emotions at all. To get something real that they can relate to, they come to our stores to get first-hand human interaction.

Bottom Line

We do not want to become dehumanized because virtual reality does this. We want our customers to feel at home when they walk into our store, and that is why we pride in our customer service. Our authenticity has been built around this, and we can interact properly with customers and make them feel special.

We still use virtual reality to gather information on our clients such as their buying trends and their behavioral purchases. This helps create products that are customized for them because we know what they want. However, we try to limit the use of virtual reality and social media so that we do not lose our human touch with customers.

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